Zambo lawmaker recycles news to be in media limelight?

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ZAMBOANGA CITY Rep. Celso Lobregat is accused of recycling issues against re-electionist and popular Mayor Beng Climaco in a dire effort to be in the news as Zamboanguenos remain steadfast in their strong support to the local chief

executive. Lobregat, who is not a native or born in Zamboanga, has over and over again raised the issue of the controversial flyover project by the Department of Public Works and Highways. The elderly lawmaker has been insisting on the local government to immediately allow the construction of the flyover without fulfilling the requirements needed for the project before it can start.

One of the requirements is for the widening of the roads where the proposed flyover would be erected so as not to clog vital routes where traffic is heavy.

If not the flyover issue, Lobregat, whose clan is from Cebu and Lanao del Sur in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, will always argue lengthily before the media about the City Budget which has been officially approved by the City Council.

Mayor Beng urged Lobregat to spend his time working on the passage of important bills in the House of Representatives rather than become an “obstructionist” along with his few allies at the City Council. “Lobregat should concentrate on his job as a congressman. He is not a construction contractor, he is not a council man lest he wants to become one and we shall welcome that so he can blabber more or filibuster at the City Council,” Mayor Beng said.

“He’s been a failure in protecting Zamboanga City from the BBL (Bangsamoro Basic Law) and BOL (Bangsamoro Organic Law) after Lobregat did not vote against the BBL. And now it opens door for pro-bol to push for several barangay to join the Bangsamoro plebiscite which we had strongly rejected many times in the past,” she added.

In a television interview, Lobregat even made fun of Mayor Beng by offering her to take various energy drinks, but the good mayor said: “Celso should consume plenty of energy drinks. He needs it considering he is a senior citizen. He needs energy more than I do because I am a strong woman, a fighter for our people.”

Lobregat has been a rabid critic of the good mayor after she rejected the lawmaker’s insistence for her to give up City Hall so he can again run for mayor. Lobregat who at one time became the richest congressman - has been running back and forth as mayor and congressman of Zamboanga as if the city is his “perpetual and personal” kingdom where he can dictate upon anybody.

Now tagging his younger brother Jomar, Lobregat has been campaigning hard to get the sympathy of the people with his dramatic antics and teary-sad stories, but the constituents had enough of the Lobregats, and wanted Mayor Beng to continue serving the city for the welfare of the Zamboanguenos.

Just like Celso, Jomar - who is based in Manila - has been coming back consistently to Zamboanga only during election time to run again for a congressional seat. He lost terribly in the 2016 elections after the constituents strongly rejected his candidacy.

“Let us all work hard together and pray that we shall overcome all these dark forces and black propaganda and smear campaign by some people who have only personal and bested political interest,” Mayor Beng said in a press statement. (BCPR)

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