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The is­sue about the real au­thor­ship of the Christ­mas song Ang Pasko ay

Sumapit (with lyrics by Levi Cele­rio, pre­dated by a few year by the orig­i­nal Ce­buano song called Kasadya Ning Tak­naa by Vi­cente Rubi) has drawn var­i­ous re­ac­tions, one of them con­tained in the fol­low­ing let­ter which I’m print­ing

in full with­out any com­ment: Dear Mr. Lo: I am Re­becca Lopez Mon­taño, the only re­main­ing daugh­ter of the late Ce­buano com­poser, Domingo “Ming­goy” Lopez who died in Jan­uary 1981 with­out hav­ing a will. Thus, by op­er­a­tion of law, I be­came the le­gal heir and ad­min­is­tra­tor of his orig­i­nal com­po­si­tions or in­tel­lec­tual prop­erty.

I came across your ar­ti­cle on “The true story be­hind Ang Pasko ay Sumapit, other Filipino songs,” Dec. 1, 2014 is­sue of

The STAR. I don’t know where Mr. Ivar Tulfo Gica got his in­for­ma­tion but he is to­tally wrong be­cause my fa­ther, Ming­goy Lopez, is the real au­thor of

Rosas Pan­dan, not Piux Kaba­jar. The fol­low­ing doc­u­ments in our pos­ses­sion can speak for them­selves:

• An­nex “A” — is a pho­to­copy of the lyrics of

Rosas Pan­dan in my fa­ther’s own hand­writ­ing as found in his note­book which con­tains also his other orig­i­nal com­po­si­tions;

• An­nex “B” — is a cer­ti­fied true copy of Copy­right Reg­is­tra­tion of Rosas Pan­dan;

• An­nex “C” — is a ma­chine copy of the mu­si­cal score of Rosas Pan­dan sub­mit­ted as part of our ap­pli­ca­tion for copy­right reg­is­tra­tion;

• An­nex “D” — is a pho­to­copy of the con­tract on roy­alty ba­sis for Rosas Pan­dan be­tween my fa­ther and MARECO, Inc. rep­re­sented by Mr. Manuel P. Villar, the owner.

Rosas Pan­dan was ac­tu­ally com­posed as the theme song for the play or zarzuela

Rosas Pan­dan which was writ­ten by Mr. Piux Kaba­jar. By the way, do you know that my fa­ther also com­posed all the songs, mu­sic and lyrics, for another zarzuela ti­tled Ti­rana, writ­ten by Mr. Emil­iano Gabuya? As ad­di­tional in­for­ma­tion,

Rosas Pan­dan is only one of the more than 200 orig­i­nal com­po­si­tions of my fa­ther, and at least 110 of his songs had al­ready been pub­lished by record­ing com­pa­nies from Manila and Cebu since the 1950s. But he died a poor man be­cause, like the other Ce­buano com­posers, he, too, was a vic­tim of in­jus­tice.

His other orig­i­nal com­po­si­tions in­clude: Kamin­gaw sa Payag, Krut­say Sakayanon, Ka­ga­hapon ug Karon, Bukid­non, Akong Gugma, Sal­imu-ang sa Hubog, Hagki Ako, Pag-ut­lan and many more.

Hop­ing this clar­i­fi­ca­tion will find space in your next col­umn, I re­main.

Re­spect­fully yours, — RE­BECCA LOPEZ

MON­TAÑO No. 14 Paseo Su­sano, Cadahu-an, Talam­ban Cebu City

Doc­u­ments sent by Re­becca Lopez Mon­taño, daugh­ter of Domingo ‘Ming­goy’ Lopez, whom, she claims to be the real com­poser of Rosas Pan­dan and other Ce­buano songs

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