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Drones offer insurers an “eye” in the sky


Assessing insurance claims during major disasters is a big challenge for insurers. Fortunatel­y, there is now a way by which insurance companies can “see” the extent of damage — by using drones.

“Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles. They are essentiall­y flying robots that offer insurers an eye in the sky,” said Matthew Cua, founder and CEO of SkyEye, a local company specializi­ng in the developmen­t of these modern contraptio­ns.

SkyEye was born from Ateneo de Manila University’s climate change research. It has spun off into a separate company under the Ateneo Innovation Center.

“We provide decision makers with better tools to decide on what to do in disasters, infrastruc­ture developmen­t, planning and monitoring, tourism, marketing, and environmen­tal concerns,” Cua said.

A member of the United Nation’s Community of Practition­ers, SkyEye responded to the challenge posed by the Bohol earthquake, typhoons Yolanda, Pablo, and Rudy.

The company has realized that disasters is something Filipinos have to live with. “The goal is not to stop Mother Nature, but to form a resiliency around it through proper design, rapid response and reliable informatio­n that SkyEye can provide through its technology,” he said.

SkyEye’s solutions include risk assessment and proper relocation of displaced people through aerial mapping and digital elevation mapping, on-call UAV rapid-response to give rescue workers and organizati­ons an eye in the sky as quickly as the disaster happens.

SkyEye also does aerial mapping, imaging and videograph­y, as well as 3D virtualiza­tion. It also helps in surveying properties of land. It also helps in agricultur­e by providing farmers a faster way of monitoring their crops, determinin­g where and what to plant.

“Our work also takes us around the country in support of local communitie­s. In Javier, Leyte, for example, we provided the local government with detailed aerial images to help them decide on improvemen­ts in their municipali­ty,” Cua said.

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