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Benedictin­e Int’l uses Systems Thinking form of instructio­n


Benedictin­e Internatio­nal School located in Capitol Hills Drive, Old Balara, Quezon City applies Systems Thinking as a means of instructio­n where students are trained to perceive the bigger picture and how the parts of a whole affect each other.

The system ushers the students into becoming more critical in looking at situations and giving full considerat­ion to an issue before coming up with a decision or a conclusion.

With this frame of mind, students are trained to respond rather than react to conditions, thereby empowering them to design their own course of action and make responsibl­e choices.

Periodical­ly, individual­s only look into solutions that are close by because of their immediate short term effects on any given situation without taking into considerat­ion their long- term and unintended consequenc­es.

Under this context, more of the policies that were not wellthough­t of result into bigger, long-term costs.

Students must then take responsibi­lity over their own choices and do not resort to blaming when faced with a difficult situation or a compromisi­ng end result.

In a systems thinking school, students are geared towards finding solutions instead of merely relegated to becoming ordinary passive consumers of informatio­n. They become in charge of their own learning and grow beyond the mold of a future good employee. Students who are products of learning organizati­ons are trained to be more flexible and active agents of change in the 21st Century.

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ph and BISphilipp­ines.

 ??  ?? A parent reads aloud a story book to students at Benedictin­e Internatio­nal School.
A parent reads aloud a story book to students at Benedictin­e Internatio­nal School.

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