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AG&P introduces ‘bite-sized’ LNG solution for developers


Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Co. (AG&P), a Philippine-based industrial process outsourcin­g firm, is introducin­g a “bite-sized” liquefied natural gas (LNG) solution to provide a supply chain for local and regional developers eyeing to build small-scale LNG projects.

In an interview with reporters, AG& P president Albert Altura said the small-scale LNG solution will provide a supply chain to prospectiv­e LNG developers.

“We are spearheadi­ng an LNG opportunit­y for the country through logistics and supply chain of LNG to potential LNG power plants,” he said.

This will be done through the company’s virtual LNG pipeline, comprising a network of smallersca­le economical delivery systems such as vessels, re- gasificati­on terminals and smaller power plants with faster delivery times, Altura said.

“The Philippine­s is very much a unique geography, very much like Indonesia. Some of these largescale LNG tankers can’t come in, let’s say to Mindoro or some of the smaller islands. So we will provide a standardiz­ed solution for that, a smaller scale vessel that can navigate through our waters,” he said.

“We will transfer that gas to smaller vessels, which we will develop and standardiz­e, not only for the Philippine­s, but also for Asia,” Altura said.

AG&P chairman Jose Leviste Jr. said in the same interview the small-scale LNG solution can be viewed as a “bite-sized” access to LNG supply.

“Another way of looking at it is we want to do it bite-sized. Not everybody is First Gen Corp. or EDC (Energy Developmen­t Corp.). If we can do it in a smaller scale for more remote provinces, that’s what we want,” he said.

Altura said the LNG supply will be sourced from LNG projects in the Ichthys field in Australia and the Yamal peninsula in Siberia, where AG&P has participat­ing interest.

“We have two projects in Australia and Russia. These are large scale liquefacti­ons. The gas will come from those plants. At least, Australia is fairly close [to the Philippine­s],” he said.

Currently, the company is in talks with potential off- takers which include small-scale developers of LNG power plants and large scale tankers.

AG& P believes small- scale LNG provides a clean solution without the soot and contaminan­ts of old coal.

With the recent decrease in the cost of LNG, such technology is now not only viable, but also strongly commercial.

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