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Modeling is one of the most lucrative profession­s in the fashion world. This profession always thrives on the new, now and next because there is always a search for the fresh face.

Models are exposed to a lot of creative artists in the industry where they meet profession­als from different fields and build a network of acquaintan­ces, workmates and lifetime friends. The modeling world is a competitiv­e landscape wherein the survival of the fittest and the best is the name of the game.

Most models, upon reaching the top of their successful careers, celebrate with a final swan song before going back to their private lives. Others evolve into another career within the industry. To reach a 10-year life span in local fashion is no easy feat. But to surpass more than that means you belong to a handful of crème de la crème.

Spanning more than a decade and a half in the modeling world, vice president of the Profession­al Models Associatio­n of the Philippine­s ( PMAP) Girlie Benitez is truly one of the finest models in the country. After modeling both in the internatio­nal and local scenes, landing on the pages of global glossies, walking the runways for top brands and endorsing regional campaigns, Benitez has continuous­ly nurtured her love for fashion. For several years now, the seasoned model has ventured into a scintillat­ing business and pursued her other passion — jewelry making.

Through years of modeling, she was endlessly exposed to the beauty of the finer things in life. She began her process of creation and the Benitez Jewelry was born.

This season, Benitez presents her latest limited edition collection that takes inspiratio­n from exotic Morocco and Art Deco. Brilliant pieces sparkle in alluring semiprecio­us stones such as lapis lazuli, turquoise and white topaz, which are set in gold-plated silver.

Benitez’s unique designs are captivatin­g as they ref lect an understand­ing of beauty in the uncommon. Intricatel­y handmade by artisans, these pieces are not just mere eye candy for the wearer but they also evoke a more personal understand­ing of wearing jewelry.

“I try to think of ways that people would most enjoy the pieces that I make. When they wear my jewelry, I imagine them feeling beautiful wearing it,” says Benitez.

Early in her jewelry-making career, she was told by a Buddhist monk, “You will find success in the creation of beauty.” She studied stones and crystals through years of constant travels. She began to understand the power, energy and healing properties of different stones.

What started in 2007 as a vision has grown into a lifelong passion for creating special pieces for people. Incorporat­ing current global trends and fusing with the designer’s trademark aesthetics, Benitez Jewelry is more than just a luxe find. It is, indeed, an extraordin­ary masterpiec­e of beauty inside and out.

 ?? ?? Bozenia turquoise earrings with lapis lazuli and white topaz.
Bozenia turquoise earrings with lapis lazuli and white topaz.
 ?? ?? Model and jewelry designer Girlie Benitez.
Model and jewelry designer Girlie Benitez.
 ?? ?? Solange.
 ?? ?? Bozenia.
 ?? ?? Margery.
 ?? ?? Cosette.
 ?? ?? Grethe.
 ?? ??
 ?? ?? Oddile.
 ?? ?? Sylvie Black.
Sylvie Black.

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