Mocha: Fla­vor for all sea­sons

A re-in­tro­duc­tion (sort of) to the coun­try’s hottest so­cial-me­dia ac­tivist who is tak­ing a bow as Philip­pine STAR colum­nist on Tues­day, Nov. 8

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“My boobs are big­ger than my brain.”

Is that re­ally how peo­ple per­ceive Mocha Uson as she was quoted in an in­ter­view with a broad­sheet (not this one)?

That brain has been churn­ing out pieces (food for thought) on so­cial me­dia that never fail to ag­i­tate many peo­ple who read her any­way even if they dis­agree with what they dis­miss as “lies” and “mis­in­for­ma­tion” that Mocha has been spread­ing. Ei­ther you love her, as do the more than four mil­lion fol­low­ers of her Face­book page (mochau­son­blog); or you hate her, as do the more than 33,000 “mocha-haters” who signed a pe­ti­tion to have her oblit­er­ated from so­cial me­dia.

Mud has been slung at her but does she care? No! She has been called names but does she care? No! She has been dis­missed as a “bad ex­am­ple” but does she care? No! Will the kitchen sink thrown at her knock her into un­con­scious­ness and si­lence her for­ever? No, it will not! She’s fear­less, not afraid to fight back if pro­voked.

Un­der the Con­sti­tu­tion, Mocha has a right to free speech; she can speak her mind, and so what if peo­ple don’t agree with her? Un­der the same Con­sti­tu­tion, her “non-fol­low­ers/haters” en­joy free­dom of ex­pres­sion and they can hit back at Mocha, or any colum­nist who ex­presses opin­ions con­trary to theirs. We are in a democ­racy and if you give, you must be ready to take. If you lam­poon anybody, be ready to re­ceive a dose of your own medicine. Give and take. Start­ing on Tues­day, Nov. 8, The Philip­pine

STAR will wel­come Mocha as a colum­nist, not in the En­ter­tain­ment Sec­tion but in the Op-Ed Sec­tion. Her ti­tle will be called Hotspot and that sums up what “hot” items you can ex­pect from Mocha ev­ery Tues­day. Enough in­tro­duc­tion? Here’s some more: Mar­gaux Uson was born on May 17, 1982, to Os­car Uson, a re­gional trial court judge who was killed in Asin­gan, Pan­gasi­nan, in 2002; and to Estrella Uson, a pe­di­a­tri­cian from Dagu­pan, same prov­ince, who is a breast can­cer sur­vivor. In an in­ter­view with this paper’s Supreme, Mocha de­scribed her father as “mat­a­pang at mak­abayan” (brave and pa­tri­otic), traits that Mocha said she had in­her­ited and she sees in Pres. DU30. Although branded as a “Duterte de­fender,” Mocha doesn’t claim nor brag that she is close to Pres. DU30 whom she counted, she has met only three or four times.

Ed­u­ca­tional at­tain­ment: El­e­men­tary and high school at the Mother Goose Spe­cial School Sys­tem, a Med­i­cal Tech­nol­ogy de­gree from UST (her plan to take up Medicine was sidetracked by her dream of pur­su­ing a mu­si­cal ca­reer). Af­ter go­ing solo, Mocha (with the help of her man­ager Lord By­ron Cris­to­bal) formed the band Mocha Girls and recorded three al­bums, two un­der Viva Re- cords. On the side, Mocha starred in films — Sumpa (2009) with Joross Gam­boa; Seks­ing Masahista (a Filipino-Malaysian film, 2011); So Much Pain, So In Love (2011); Bu­tas 2 (2012); and Mga Alaala ng

Tag-Ulan (2013, with Ak­i­hiro Blanco). Be­fore be­com­ing a so­cial-me­dia ac­tivist, Mocha wrote a sex-ori­ented col­umn for a glossy men’s magazine. As a nod to her sexy past (she’s more tame now, just “me­dyo sexy”), Con­ver­sa­tions de­cided to have a “sexy talk” with Mocha. How do you feel about de­trac­tors (peo­ple who ve­he­mently dis­agree with what you write)? “I am chal­lenged to keep do­ing what I’m do­ing and keep get­ting bet­ter. My kaDDS (Duterte Die-hard Sup­port­ers) are al­ways there to en­cour­age me and re­mind me that stones are thrown only at fruit-bear­ing trees.” Do you feel “su­pe­rior” to them (your bash­ers)? “Nope. Ev­ery­one is en­ti­tled to his own opin­ion.” Do you let them af­fect your con­vic­tions or

sim­ply ig­nore them? “I ig­nore them. I don’t even read them.”

Do you sleep soundly at night de­spite the “ruckus” cre­ated by your writ­ings?

“Yes. I sleep soundly at night know­ing that I am fight­ing for the right side. There is a war go­ing on be­tween good and evil. My mis­sion is to sep­a­rate truth from lies, light from dark­ness and good from evil.” Any death “threats”?

“Yes. But like my father, who was a judge and was as­sas­si­nated for pro­tect­ing the rights of the or­di­nary peo­ple, I am not afraid.”

Any mes­sage to your “bash­ers” and your fol­low­ers? “I pray that God will bless you more.” What is sexy to you? “Strong is the new sexy.” When do you feel sexy? “When I go to the gym.” Would you say that your writ­ings are “sex­ily po­lit­i­cal” or “po­lit­i­cally sexy”? “Sex­ily po­lit­i­cal.”

With your cur­rent so­cial-me­dia sta­tus, would you con­sider your­self more “pol­i­tics” than “show­biz”?

“Show­biz pa rin. I just be­lieve that ev­ery one of us should be in­volved in pol­i­tics and should have his/her own po­lit­i­cal views. Buti nga kesa ngay­on­na­man sa ang mga la­man walangng so­cial kwen­tang me­dia topics.”ay pol­i­tics What part of your body do you con­sider sex­i­est? “Brain. I can tickle you with my views and opin­ions.” What part of a man’s body do you find sex­i­est? “Brain. Be­cause that is rarely used by men these days. Usu­ally, it’s all about their or­gans.” Do you find Pres. DU30 sexy in his own right? “Yes, be­cause he is street smart. He is in­tel­li­gent and has com­mon sense.” Who among politi­cians do you find sexy? “Duterte, Cayetano and Gen. Bato be­cause they use their brain 100 per­cent.” What in a man turns you on? “Re­spon­si­ble men turn me on.” And what in a man turns you off? “SELF-RIGHT­EOUS men, the likes of Tril­lanes and Bam Aquino.” Sex­i­est book? “Bi­ble. God cre­ated the most beau­ti­ful creation…us!” Sex­i­est movie? ”Ti­tanic.” Sex­i­est song? “For­ma­tion by Bey­oncé.” Sex­i­est an­i­mal?

“Tiger.” Sex­i­est food? “Oys­ter.” Sex­i­est mu­si­cal in­stru­ment? “Bass gui­tar.” Sex­i­est part of the house? “Bed­room.” Sex­i­est time of day? “Morn­ing.” Sex­i­est thing that you’ve done to your­self? “LASIK.”

(Mocha is 5’5” tall; weighs 116 lbs.; mea­sures 34-26-36; wears small-sized shirt.)

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Above (then): As band leader and (now, ful­ly­cov­ered) with Pres. DU30, her idol. ‘I see my (late) father in him, mat­a­pang at mak­abayan,’ Mocha says. —Photo from Mocha’s In­sta­gram

Mocha (in red) with the new mem­bers of the Mocha Girls

Why do some peo­ple try have a right to to speak ‘gag’ Mocha? in a democ­racy,’ just ‘I she like anybody in­sists. else

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