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RE­CENTLY STAR­WEEK REACHED OUT TO READ­ERS ON TWIT­TER and Face­book with a ques­tion that has no doubt crossed ev­ery­one’s mind everytime we get stuck in a jam dur­ing rush hour: Is traf­fic in Metro Manila solv­able? Peo­ple from all walks of life weighed in with their thoughts and so­lu­tions which in­clude bet­ter in­fra­struc­ture, stricter en­force­ment of traf­fic rules, im­proved pub­lic trans­porta­tion and de­con­gest­ing the Metro. Ares Gu­tier­rez Re­spect for road rules, dis­ci­pline, law en­force­ment and po­lit­i­cal will. We get that and traf­fic will flow. Den­nis Freino

Build a fly­over along EDSA. Makakarat­ing ba sa Mala­cañang ang sagot ko? Syem­pre da­pat mata­gal na nila gi­nawa yan, yung pag­dami ng sasakyan, given na yan kasi umaan­gat daw ang Pilip­inas. Build a fly­over all over EDSA. Yung mga pri­vate ve­hi­cles sa fly­over, la­hat ng mga bus sa ibaba. Yung pri­vate madal­ing makakarat­ing sa des­ti­na­tion, mababawasa­n agad sasakyan sa EDSA at lu­luwag siya. Vince Sam­son The re­al­ity, not in our life­time. Traf­fic rules and reg­u­la­tions here are treated only as sug­ges­tions. The pen­chant of driv­ers to ig­nore them is a com­mon thing. Jopi Ver­gara Die­stro De­con­gest Metro Manila, change the lo­ca­tion of the dif­fer­ent busi­nesses and strictly im­ple­ment zon­ing Nash Tys­mans

I don’t think this ad­min­is­tra­tion has the po­lit­i­cal will for it. Re­mem­ber the Pres­i­dent ran on the plat­form of malasakit – con­sid­er­ing that he spends a huge chunk of his time in Davao, he’s un­likely to care about Manila. But can it be solved? Yes, cre­atively too and in­clu­sively but not un­til bad poli­cies like the Drug War are done away with. An­gelo V. Suarez

Yes. De­con­gest Manila: land reform, ru­ral de­vel­op­ment will abol­ish need/de­sire for ex­o­dus to cities. Push na­tional in­dus­tri­al­iza­tion, which pre­cludes access to na­tion­alised mass trans­port as a pub­lic ser­vice in­stead of pri­vate busi­ness, along­side a live­able na­tional min­i­mum wage. Jedi Villar

It can only be re­solved once our gov­ern­ment of­fi­cials start work­ing for the peo­ple and not the peo­ple work­ing for them. I ad­mire the other coun­tries I’ve vis­ited be­fore be­cause of their great trans­port sys­tem. Not only is it ef­fi­cient, but it’ also PWD friendly. The trans­port sys­tem of a coun­try speaks so much of the coun­try and how much they value their cit­i­zens. Be­cause there’s too much cor­rup­tion go­ing on, the pos­si­ble bud­get in build­ing a bet­ter train sys­tem or other forms of mass trans­porta­tion is kept in the pock­ets of our gov­ern­ment of­fi­cials. Such a sad re­al­ity. Xiao Chua Tren tren tren Pepe Alas Traf­fic in the metro? So long as au­thor­i­ties keep on jam­ming up all busi­nesses there, Al­lan Abad

Yes. Heavy traf­fic can be solved in Metropoli­tan Manila. Pro­vin­cial buses should not be al­lowed to en­ter in the city. There should be a des­ig­nated area out­side but nearby the city to serve as ter­mi­nal for pro­vin­cial buses. At that ter­mi­nal, there should be buses to trans­fer the com­muters to the city from point to point only. These buses should take only the main roads. Other trans­porta­tion com­pa­nies like Grab, Uber and taxis are an op­tion but should be given a des­ig­nated route to avoid con­ges­tion.

MRT and LRT should have a link on these pro­vin­cial bus ter­mi­nals. Lo­cal and in­ter­na­tional air­ports should be re­lo­cated near out­side the city. MRT and LRT should link in the air­ports. Cre­ate more fly overs and un­der­passes in in­ter­sec­tions for more route op­tions. Cre­ate more di­ver­sions nearby the city. Old ve­hi­cles should be phased out. Lessen the num­ber old jeep­neys within the city. No garage, no car pol­icy should be im­ple­mented. Clean up the rivers and pro­vide more fer­ries. Wal­ter Bol­lo­zos

Yes. Ev­ery prob­lem can be solved, but only if ev­ery in­di­vid­ual will do their share and part. We have obli­ga­tions out­side and in­side our com­mu­nity. I believe the only prob­lems are 1) road cour­tesy 2) self dis­ci­pline 3) and traf­fic man­age­ment. That’s all we need to solve our traf­fic prob­lem. We all need to do our share and our in­di­vid­ual so­cial re­spon­si­bil­ity. Even if you are a pedes­trian.

Many of us are very good in com­plain­ing about traf­fic… But look who’s talking? I my­self am guilty of run­ning through a stop light when no one is pass­ing. So let’s be part of the so­lu­tion and do not be part of the prob­lem.

Gov­ern­ment keeps on build­ing new roads, sky­way, traf­fic schemes. All of these are use­less. Why? Be­cause the same mo­torists with bad driv­ing habits will use it. Like­wise with the traf­fic en­gi­neer­ing man­age­ment sys­tem. All of those new roads and sky­ways will be use­less.


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