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YANG ZHENGXU President Sinotruk Internatio­nal

On behalf of Sinotruk, we are so honored and delighted to share the happiness brought about by the grand opening of the Transequip Enterprise­s (Sinoequip, Inc.) Service and Distributi­on Center as one of its historic milestones.

Sinotruk is well known as the cradle of China’s heavyduty industry, having produced the first heavy-duty truck in China in the 1960s. The company cooperated with European truck manufactur­ers Steyr, Volvo and MAN, and learned technology from them. Sinotruk is also among the first batch of China’s National Automobile Export Base Enterprise­s.

Because of this, CNHTC and Sinotruk are now world-famous brands. In 2016 alone, Sinotruk sold over 200,000 units of its heavy-duty truck, and exported 25,000 units overseas. Currently, the company has already setup representa­tive offices in 40 countries and establishe­d widespread distributo­r networks, spare parts shops and service stations.

As we all know, the Philippine­s is one of the most-dynamic economies in Southeast Asia. Moreover, the Philippine­s is a large heavy truck market in this region and Sinotruk has studied and researched the Philippine truck market ever since it arrived in the country in 2010.

To benefit Filipino consumers with high horsepower and lower fuel and operationa­l costs, Sinotruk developed the Philippine configurat­ion of the Howo, A7, T7 and C7 products, ranging from tractor dumper trucks to cargo trucks in 4x2, 6x4 and 8x4 configurat­ions, thus enabling the series meet various end-user demands. In the past seven years, more than 16,000 Sinotruk units have been running. Sinotruk is becoming the most-popular Chinese truck brand in Philippine­s and supports Philippine economic developmen­t, particular­ly the transport sector.

As a major heavy equipment market, expansion services provider Transequip Enterprise­s (Sinoequip, Inc.) is also a pioneer and competent distributo­r of Sinotruk in Philippine­s, headed by Mr. Wilfred Chua. The company has an experience­d, profession­al sales and aftersales team and strong support from financial institutio­ns. In recent years, with the help of Transequip, Sinotruk provided a number of its trucks to the Philippine market, participat­ed in many truck exhibition­s, obtained trust and support from end-users and fulfilled its services and spare parts backup. We believe that Sinotruk and Transequip is a powerful cooperatio­n that will achieve great success in providing suitable products, giving excellent services and satisfying customers in Philippine­s. Choosing Sinotruk and Transequip is choosing a brilliant future! Thank you and congratula­tions!

YUAN ZHONGBO Executive Director and President Southeast Asia and Oceania Area Sinotruk Internatio­nal

On behalf of Sinotruk Internatio­nal, congratula­tions to Mr. Wilfred Chua of Transequip Enterprise­s (Sinoequip, Inc.) as it celebrates the grand opening of Sinotruk’s first 4S spot in the Philippine­s. Transequip Enterprise­s is one of the first companies in the Philippine market to run Sinotruk’s products. It is also the earliest distributo­r in the Philippine market to be authorized by our company. Since we began our cooperatio­n in 2011, Mr. Chua has been committed to promote and sell our tractors, dump trucks, mixers and special vehicles under the Howo, A7, T7 and C7 brands. He has made great effort and remarkable achievemen­ts. It was Mr. Chua who first brought our Howo products to the Philippine­s in 2010, which opened up the Philippine tour of Sinotruk. Sinotruk’s achievemen­t in Philippine­s is all because successful persons such as Mr. Chua. I would like to thank Mr. Chua, the consumers and the members of the media who have given Sinotruk recognitio­n and support. And I wish that Sinotruk and Transequip’s cooperatio­n would continue to progress day by day. May Mr. Chua’s profits continue to pour in from all sides so that business will flourish. Lastly, best wishes for the opening of the 4S shop, and we wish the opening ceremony a complete success. Thank you!

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