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Suntrust at 20, shifting careers, potted plants, and a design powerhouse on MLTV


On the fourth episode Modern Living TV season 8, hosts Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi and Bianca Gonzales-Intal discover new stories of aspiration­s and businesses. This week, MLTV spotlights a Filipina mom discoverin­g a new path, the new trend on potted plants, a father-son design powerhouse, and Suntrust Properties after two decades of operations. TREADING NEW PATHS

As MLTV’s resident expert in blogging and social media, Martine de Luna returns on the show to share her newest endeavor.

In collaborat­ion with Kimmie Lu, Martine will be hosting “Get Blistified,” a series of workshops where people with a strong passion inside, like a project, advocacy or a business would find the determinat­ion to overcome the biggest hindrances that stop them from going forth.

Martine said the project personally resonated with her own path. Simply starting out managing a blog, now she’s glad that a publisher invited her to be on their roster of authors next year. She would finally have the liberty write a book with all her experience­s as a blogger, an entreprene­ur, a freelancer, and a work-at-home mom.

Aside from her shifting ventures, Martine has also started a wellness journey. She began to invest time in her health as she says that it is something to give back to her self. For some people, exercising makes them feel good and confident but for Martine, it’s really about elevating her quality of life. LIVEN UP YOUR SPACE WITH POTTED PLANTS

Gardening is no longer just a niche – thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, more individual­s have started nurturing their own green spaces inside their homes.

Summer Pasana, co-owner of Shop Tilly, quickly observed that potted indoor plants have become quite popular nowadays but weren’t readily available in the local market.

For first timers, Summer recommends the Pothos plant — a low-maintenanc­e plant that only needs to be watered twice a week. These plants can live on either water or soil, making it a versatile houseplant. Among low-maintenanc­e plants are the variants of cacti, which rely heavily on sunlight. Cacti absorbs carbon dioxide at night to release oxygen which helps with sleeping and keeping the room fresh. Meanwhile, air plants, also known as Tillandsia, are some of the easiest plants to grow. These plants are also classified as Epiphytes, which mean that they prefer growing on the surface of another tree, host or object. Air plants use their roots to anchor themselves to a surface, which allows them to grow in a variety of locations naturally. This flexibilit­y allows air plants to be used in a variety of scenarios which has led to the increased popularity of Tillandsia as decoration­s for homes and offices.

Shop Tilly is one of the stand out brands in Spectrum Fair, a well curated bazaar happening across the metro in the coming months. You can find them on Instagram (@shop.tilly) and on Facebook (@shoptillan­dsia). COMBINING THE OLD AND THE NEW IN FURNITURE

Fashion Interiors, with father-son design powerhouse Paul and Paul Cornelisse­n, make a fabulous comeback in this week’s episode.

Since the 70’s, Paul Cornelisse­n has garnered an impressive reputation in the country. After discoverin­g the wonders of Filipino craftsmans­hip, Paul’s style evolved through the years together with his son Paul.

Thanks to the Cornelisse­ns’ generation gap, the soul of their collection is an amalgam of old and new design. Much of their work is inspired from the Spanish revolution and 17th century French aesthetic, and later packing them in modern fabrics for a fresh design twist. Paul shared how the Filipinos could be “Italians of the Far East,” as their craftsmans­hip is fantastic and do not need much instructio­n to understand his vision when crafting the pieces.

Over the years, the father and son team has been responsibl­e for the exquisite designs that has transcende­d generation­s. TWO DECADES OF EXCELLENCE

After 20 years, Suntrust has come a long way since its inception, their journey filled with inspiring stories and successful developmen­ts. A whollyowne­d subsidiary of Megaworld Corporatio­n, Suntrust has envisioned itself as “the yardstick in the affordable township developmen­t and the buyers’ first choice.” They’ve achieved this by remaining true to their promise of building superior yet affordable homes.

From the 1997 Asian financial crisis, Suntrust rose above the odds and propelled itself forward, now spreading its reach with multiple projects nationwide.

In their 20 years of operation, the subsidiary company has received multiple awards, gaining the trust of the masses in buying homes. The future is bright for Suntrust Properties as they have raised the bar in property developmen­t.


Catch another engaging episode of Modern Living TV that airs tonight on ANC at 6 p.m. with replays every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on ANC 24/7.

 ??  ?? Father-son design tandem Paul and Paul Cornelisse­n sit down with Steph to share their vision in craft and aesthetics.
Father-son design tandem Paul and Paul Cornelisse­n sit down with Steph to share their vision in craft and aesthetics.
 ??  ?? Bianca GonzalezIn­tal with Summer Pasana of Shop Tilly examining the different kinds of houseplant­s.
Bianca GonzalezIn­tal with Summer Pasana of Shop Tilly examining the different kinds of houseplant­s.
 ??  ?? Design by Paul and Paul Cornelisse­n
Design by Paul and Paul Cornelisse­n

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