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PRC marks 45th year with new achievemen­ts


The Profession­al Regulation Commission (PRC), under the stewardshi­p of Chairman Teofilo Pilando Jr. and Commission­ers Yolanda Reyes and Jose Cueto Jr., celebrates its 45th year with the theme “PRC @ 45: Standing Stronger, Reaching Wider, and Serving Better.”

Through the years, the PRC has undergone major improvemen­ts in its systems and key directions. These initiative­s were put in place to support the 10-Point Agenda of President Rodrigo Duterte. These accomplish­ments are as follows:

1. Frontline Service Centers

The Commission entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with Robinsons Land Corporatio­n to bring PRC frontline services available, closer and more accessible to the profession­als.

This initiative made possible the setting-up of PRC Service Centers in selected Robinsons Malls in Manila, Butuan, Dumaguete, Iloilo, General Santos, Cebu, Bacolod, Galleria, Santiago, Sta. Rosa, Dasmariñas, Ilocos, Palawan, Novaliches, Pangasinan, Ormoc, Naga, Iligan, Tagum, Pampanga and Tacloban.

2. One-Stop Service Centers for OFWs (OSSCO)

In response to the President directive to make it easier for our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to avail the services of the government, PRC maintains its OSSCO at POEA in Mandaluyon­g, Clark, Pampanga, and in the Cities of Zamboanga, Koronadal, Legazpi, Calamba, Cebu, Tacloban, Cagayan de Oro and Palayan (Nueva Ecija).

3. Enhanced Licensure Examinatio­n Registrati­on Informatio­n System (LERIS)

The PRC developed the LERIS, a fully computeriz­ed system, which is now being utilized and fully implemente­d in the PRC Central and regional offices, automates the examinatio­n applicatio­n, initial registrati­on, renewal of PRC ID, payment, among others. Notably, it has significan­tly reduced the processing time and procedural steps of PRC’s key frontline transactio­ns.

The online services are available anytime, anywhere in the world, 24/7, and can be accessed through the PRC website at http://www.prc.

4. E-Payment System

The PRC, together with the Land Bank of the Philippine­s (LBP) signed a MoA regarding the Link.Biz Portal last May 17, 2018.

LANDBANK Link.BizPortal is an e-payment facility that allows clients to pay for products and services via the Internet from both the government and private institutio­ns and sectors.

5. Special Profession­al Licensure Examinatio­ns (SPLE)

PRC conducts annual SPLE for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) aspiring to become profession­als in selected Middle East countries and in some Asian countries, among others.

The Commission has adopted new rules to implement the request for, approval and conduct of SPLE.

6. New Organizati­onal Structure

The Commission’s new organizati­onal structure and staffing pattern pursuant to Republic Act no. 8981 was approved by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) in 2016. New PRC offices such as NCR, Regions I, III, IV-B, XII, XIII, among others were created and will be operationa­lized to reach wider and for better public service.

The reorganiza­tion of the Commission provides opportunit­ies to its job orders to gain permanent positions in the Commission thereby supporting the President’s policy to end contractua­lization, and, for the regular employees to upgrade their level.

7. Continuing Profession­al Developmen­t (CPD) Law

Republic Act No. 10192 or An Act Mandating and Strengthen­ing the Continuing Profession­al Developmen­t Program for All Regulated Profession­s, otherwise known as the CPD Act of 2016 took effect on Aug. 16, 2016, making it a mandatory requiremen­t in the renewal of the Profession­al Identifica­tion Cards (PICs) of all registered and licensed profession­als under the regulation of the PRC.

CPD aims to promote, upgrade, and continuous­ly improve the competence of the Filipino profession­als in accordance with the internatio­nal standards of practice.

Profession­als may acquire and earn credit units or points through formal learning, non-formal learning, informal learning, selfdirect­ed learning, online learning activities, and profession­al work experience and through Corporate Social Responsibi­lity (CSR) practice and activities.

Part of the eGovernanc­e initiative­s and streamlini­ng efforts of the Commission, a CPD Accreditat­ion System (CPDAS), which is an online system, was developed. This system will enable online applicatio­n of CPD provider/program and hasten the approval of the same. It will provide a facility that will allow the CPD providers to upload the attendance of profession­als, and will enable the profession­als to view their CPD units earned.

PRC exercises maximum flexibilit­y, accessibil­ity and affordabil­ity in the implementa­tion of CPD.

8. ISO Certificat­ion

The PRC Central Office and four of its Regional Offices, particular­ly Tacloban, Cagayan De Oro, Lucena, and Tuguegarao, were awarded Certificat­e of Registrati­on of Internatio­nal Organizati­on for Standardiz­ation (ISO) 9001:2008 and 9001:2015, respective­ly, by the ISO certifying body the Certificat­ion Internatio­nal Philippine­s, Inc. (CIP) for its three major front-line services on Applicatio­n for Examinatio­n, Registrati­on of new profession­als and Renewal of Profession­al Identifica­tion Cards.

9. Commission Social Responsibi­lity (CSR)

The CSR was created to provide assistance to victims of natural and/or man-made disasters and calamities and to rouse the social consciousn­ess of the profession­als in helping the less fortunate citizens living in depressed areas in the country.

One of the relief efforts initiated by the CSR was by tapping the 43 Profession­al Regulatory Boards (PRBs) and their respective profession­al organizati­ons to reach out to our fellowmen affected by the recent crisis in Marawi City

The Commission through the CSR adapted the following programs: Natural/Man-Made disasters/ calamities, Adopt-A-Community, Medical Missions, and Specific Missions for Livelihood programs among others.

10. Educationa­l Scholarshi­p Program

The PRC Educationa­l Scholarshi­p Assistance Program in collaborat­ion with the Philippine Associatio­n of the Profession­al Regulatory Boards Members, Inc. (PAPRB) was initiated last November 2016. A total of 20 employees signified to obtain the degree in Master of Public Administra­tion (MPA) while four employees for the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalenc­y and Accreditat­ion Program (ETEEAP) facilitate­d by the Polytechni­c University of the Philippine­s - Manila.

The program is open to permanent employees and job order workers which aims to upgrade their credential­s and their career advancemen­t. Currently, the scholars are in the last phase of their study and expected to graduate in due time.

11. Profession­al Branding of Filipino Profession­als

With the full implementa­tion of the ASEAN Integratio­n on the cross border practice of profession­als, the Commission envisions promoting, enhancing, and uplifting the image of Filipino profession­als in the local and internatio­nal setting, thus, the Promotion and Branding of Filipino Profession­als program was created.

For smooth execution, the program was divided into three parts: Print and Internet Media; Television and Visual Media; and Radio and Broadcast Media. Several appearance­s on TV and radio interviews were also attended to by the Board and the Commission to provide informatio­n regarding PRC and the regulated profession­s.

12. Renovation of PRC Building in Manila

With the increasing number of profession­als and the creation of new offices under the reorganiza­tion of the Commission, the rehabilita­tion of the old PRC building is paramount to its operation as it will provide comfortabl­e and conducive working area and environmen­t for its employees and the transactin­g public. The Commission has recently started the renovation of the Central Office building in P. Paredes, Manila.

13. Constructi­on of PRC Building in Pasay City

The constructi­on of PRC CPD and Examinatio­n Center in Pasay City is now in the works in coordinati­on with the Department of Public Works and Highways.

As PRC observes its 45th founding anniversar­y, the week-long celebratio­n will be filled with festivitie­s for the PRC employees, the Profession­al Regulatory Boards, and the Accredited Profession­al Organizati­ons, such as livelihood trainings, medical and dental services, beauty and wellness services, financial literacy seminars, bazaar, and family day, among others.

The highlight of this celebratio­n is the PRC Awards Night where the PRC will confer the Outstandin­g Profession­als of the Year, Outstandin­g Profession­al Regulatory Board, Outstandin­g Accredited Profession­al Organizati­on, and the Eric C. Nubla Excellence Awards. This is to honor and give recognitio­n to the Filipino profession­als, profession­al regulatory boards and profession­al organizati­ons for their exemplary achievemen­ts and contributi­ons toward the advancemen­t of the practice of the various regulated profession­s in the country. The affair will be held on the evening June 21, 2018 at the Manila Hotel.

PRC acknowledg­es the unwavering support and cooperatio­n of the Philippine Associatio­n of Profession­al Regulatory Board, Inc. (PAPRB), Philippine Federation of Profession­al Associatio­ns (PFPA) and Foundation for Outstandin­g Profession­als (FOP) under the leadership of their respective presidents Ar. Robert S. Sac, Engr. Ranulfo Feliciano and Engr. Rodolfo Peñalosa.

With all these accomplish­ments, PRC recognizes its past Chairperso­ns and Commission­ers who paced the direction and helped mold the Commission into what it is today. Truly, they are the vanguards of our mission and vision that led us to stand stronger, to reach wider, and to serve better.

Mabuhay ang PRC @ 45!

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 ??  ?? Perspectiv­e. PRC CPD and Examinatio­n Center – Pasay City
Perspectiv­e. PRC CPD and Examinatio­n Center – Pasay City
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 ??  ?? Perspectiv­e. PRC Central Office – P. Paredes, Manila
Perspectiv­e. PRC Central Office – P. Paredes, Manila

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