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Scammer convicted over bouncing checks

- – Marc Jayson Cayabyab

Self-confessed scammer and internet personalit­y Xian Gaza was sentenced to five years in prison after being convicted for an investment scam involving bouncing checks

In her decision dated June 21, Malabon Metropolit­an Trial Court Judge Maya Joy Guiyab-Camposanto sentenced Gaza to six months’ imprisonme­nt for each of the 11 counts filed against him by Melinda Cruz for failing to pay back the P2 million she lent him.

The judge also ordered Gaza to indemnify the complainan­t P2.18 million, representi­ng the total value of checks plus legal interest of six percent per annum starting June 15, 2015.

Gaza, a resident of Malabon and accused of running away with millions of pesos from investors, was found guilty of violating the bouncing check law.

Gaza told The STAR he has 15 days to file a motion for reconsider­ation. The internet personalit­y who flaunted his “detainee” – and now, “guilty” – status on Facebook chose to remain silent when asked for comment.

“I hope you understand, just protecting myself,” he said, adding that he has nothing to say to the complainan­t.

On his Facebook account, he wrote a status saying he was feeling “hopeless” and “regret,” and admitted having an average daily pocket money of P1.5 million “at the peak of my scamming career” in 2017.

He still faces a separate bouncing checks case before another Malabon trial court, this time involving the P600,000 Gaza owed to another former business partner, Jaime Asuncion, who filed eight counts against him.

Gaza first became viral when he spent for a billboard in Morayta, Manila asking for a coffee date with actress Erich Gonzales, who declined.

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