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GBP realigns company strategy

- – Danessa Rivera

Pangilinan-led Global Business Power (GBP) is realigning its company strategy toward sustainabl­e energy solutions and balanced energy mix in its portfolio, according to its top official.

In a statement, GBP said it is gearing to become a total provider of sustainabl­e energy solutions to adapt to the industry landscape.

It is also heeding the call to make the energy sector more responsive to the environmen­t.

“We are realigning our strategy with the evolving energy market as well as the growing need to protect and conserve our environmen­t for future generation­s,” GBP president Jaime Azurin said.

During the company’s recent management convocatio­n themed “Initiate, Ignite, Innovate,” Azurin posed a challenge to company executives and managers to rethink strategies and innovate new approaches to issues at hand.

Held annually, the GBP management convocatio­n also serves as the company’s strategic planning session, providing an avenue for performanc­e assessment as well as direction-setting.

Azurin stressed that energy plays a key role in solving many developmen­t issues, as enshrined in the United Nations Developmen­t Programme’s (UNDP) Sustainabl­e Developmen­t Goals or SDGs.

The SDGs aim to ensure universal access to affordable, reliable, and modern energy services while also doubling the global rate of improvemen­t in energy efficiency. “Generating power, however, creates pressures on the environmen­t,” he added.

He said one of the ways where GBP can help address this problem is to work towards achieving a balanced energy mix in its portfolio.

“We must optimize resources available to us whether they’re convention­al or renewable,” he said, noting the company is continuous­ly studying various opportunit­ies to go into the renewable energy market and complement its existing portfolio.

The company earlier bared plans to produce 300 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy projects as it ramps up its capacity to include sustainabl­e energy solutions starting in five years starting 2019.

To help advance advance technical education to develop experts and leaders in the industry, GBP launched the state-of-the-art GBP Institute for Energy (GIE) in its Iloilo plant site, which seeks to promote better understand­ing of clean coal technology, promote energy efficiency, and strengthen learning and developmen­t for the company’s employees.

GBP is one of the leading independen­t operators in the Visayas, operating 11 power generation facilities in Cebu, Iloilo, Aklan, and Mindoro.

Last year, the company acquired a 50 percent stake in Mindanao-based Alsons Thermal Energy Corp.

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