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Proud Rizalians hold conferment rites


The Proud Rizalians of Rizal High School held conferment ceremonies and dinner yesterday at the Eusebio Hall of the Rizal High School, Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave., Caniogan, Pasig City.

Proud Rizalians is a group of RHS alumni who has shared ideals and goals to the students and the community. The main objective of the group is to give back to their alma mater by sharing time, expertise and resources to name a few.

Rizalians who take pride in being products of the RHS aspire to demonstrat­e the legacy of excellent Rizalian education and commit to support students who will represent the school in competitio­ns and convention­s here and abroad.

In November 2017, the RHSAAI Teodora Awards committee deliberate­d on the qualificat­ions of the nominees for the Teodora Awards. The decision of the committee as to who the rightful candidates were was based on data obtained from one-on-one interviews with the nominees, factual evidence, and insightful guidance from concerned members of the community.

The objectives of the committee members went beyond the selection of awardees. That was the most opportune time to form a group which they dubbed as the RHS Proud Rizalians from where the founding members emerged – Rose Castillo, Cesar Reyes, Reymil Policarpio, Cita Febre, Rallin Lee, Olivia Bernardo and Aries Madiclum. The founding members and Pasig Councilor Ferdinand Avis (who joined last February) of the RHS-PR realized that they, as alumni of Rizal High School, should always carry that torch of pride that their roots sprang from the revered and hallowed grounds of their dear alma mater for which they all serve for the sake of the succeeding generation­s of leaders, who in turn will serve the True Rizalian Way.

The next question was raised – how do we ensure that the next generation will exude the qualities of a true Rizalian leader? That was the reason why the Proud Rizalians remained – to support, inspire and motivate RHS Student Achievers through the creation of the RHS Achievers’ Club!

With heads held high the RHS Proud Rizalians hope that Rizalian leaders will continue to emerge through the RHS Achievers’ Club.

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