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Knowledge Channel looking for animators


Fresh graduates, OJT-students and multimedia arts colleges/universiti­es have a chance to work as volunteer-animators with the Philippine­s’ first and only curriculum-based channel.

They will collaborat­e with developers and animate Department of Education-prescribed textbooks and children’s stories which will be distribute­d to public schools nationwide on-air via Knowledge Channel, online through www.knowledgec­, and offline through the Knowledge Channel Portable Media Library.

Knowledge Channel intends to develop 1,500 videos for primary grade beginning reading and math in the next three years to help improve student proficienc­ies in these subjects which are the cornerston­es of higher learning. By mastering the basics of reading and numeracy, pupils will be able to better understand higher grade subjects and topics.

Chosen volunteers will draw storyboard­s, movements, character designs, and visually define, describe and distinguis­h characters. They will also create environmen­t design including the setting or stage, physical appearance and ambiance of the environmen­t where the characters move; or make images and objects move, and composite or combine multiple layers of visual elements into a single frame.

Interested parties may e-mail their resumé and sample portfolio to ian.

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