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- (For July 2018) By ELVIE PUNZALAN-ESTAVILLO Depression affects for the overall wellbeing. 3.3 million Filipinos! Any rhythmic The antidote to depression movement of the diaphragm is a happy, positive overhauls mindset. When one the mood, makes one laughs, endorphins feel better. Positive – the body’s natural chanting, complete feel-good hormones – with body movement, are released, making a make cobwebs crowding person feel good and happy. “A the mind banished, mood merry heart doeth good like a reversed, outlook positive, and good medicine.” feeling much better.

Laughter Yoga lifts depression! Laughter Yoga is the best, It helps participan­ts feel fastest, easiest, stress-and-depression good, happy, positive, healthy. buster! It reduces cholestero­l Laugh, take things in stride, level, clears air passages, and focus on the positive – to boosts the immune system, better appreciate what and how brings down stress level, and we are, bearing in mind that cultivates positivism. Laughter challenges, trials and difficulYo­ga exercises are doable ties – like rains and storms – are anytime, anyplace – to banish passing seasons of life. worries and everything that

Laughter lifts the spirits! Couple bugs the mind. As you read this with deep breathing, voila, now – laugh! Hahaha! you feel better! Hoho –haha-ing Peace, laughter, abundance is a good stress buster, good to us!

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