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Gov’t to distribute P5,000 fuel vouchers this month

- – Romina Cabrera

Jeepney operators will start receiving P5,000 fuel vouchers each by the second week of July, a transport official said yesterday.

The government has allocated P977 million for the fuel subsidy of around 179,000 operators of public utility jeepneys this year, according to Land Transporta­tion Franchisin­g and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) chief Martin Delgra.

Delgra said the subsidy would be given in installmen­ts of P800 per month within six months.

Transport leaders, however, slammed the fuel subsidy program as a mere band-aid solution to the sector’s problems.

Obet Martin, Pasang Masda president, said jeepney drivers and operators would not benefit from the program in the long run.

Martin, a supporter of the government’s public utility vehicle modernizat­ion program, said transport groups were not consulted on the implementa­tion of the fuel subsidy.

He said instead of fuel vouchers, the government should pool the funds for the acquisitio­n of new jeepneys, which cost around P1.6 million each.

The government is providing P80,000 equity for the acquisitio­n of modernized jeepneys.

Zeny Maranan, who heads the Federation of Jeepney Operators and Drivers’ Associatio­ns of the Philippine­s, said they prefer a P2 fuel discount over the vouchers.

Maranan said jeepney drivers would suffer if the P5,000 vouchers given to the operators are not used properly.

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