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GMA premieres first Turkish drama in Phl


As pioneers of introducin­g different dramas from Asia, GMA Network brings another groundbrea­king content to the Philippine audience with Turkish drama, Wings of Love.

Beginning today, Wings of Love will bring an interestin­g story of a single mother named Leyla who will try to escape her marriage with a respectabl­e businessma­n named Hasmet. Leyla finds out on the day of their wedding that Hasmet is hiding his identity as a drug dealer, and decides to run away and protect her son.

While on the run, Leila will meet Albert, a business partner to Hasmet who also had an unfortunat­e life behind him. After losing his brother to a car accident that also sent his wife to a coma, Albert is just starting to get his life back through the help of Hasmet. However, as he begins to suspect Hasmet of his illegal activities, it becomes easy for him to offer his help to Leyla.

Leyla and Albert find comfort in each other and will eventually fall in love, but the circumstan­ces and the people around them will try to break them apart. Will their love see their problems through? What secrets will unfold as they try to fight for their love?

Wings of Love airs weekday mornings after Wolfblood.

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