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Corrupt LGU execs to get ‘headaches’


Local officials should make sure that their projects are free of anomalies or they would face “headaches,” President Duterte has warned.

Duterte said while he could only supervise local government units (LGUs), he would not hesitate to run after those whose projects are fraught with irregulari­ties.

“In the executive department, minus the local government units, I have control of the department. Control means I have the supervisio­n and control. I can modify or change altogether your decision... But for those on the ground, it’s just supervisor­y,” Duterte told reporters in Bohol on Thursday.

“If you don’t believe me, fine. But if something goes wrong, I will run after you,” he added.

Duterte said he issued the Freedom of Informatio­n (FOI) order, which is binding only on the executive branch, to ensure that the law is followed.

“That executive order is used if you just follow the law. The problem is when you do not follow the law and you tinker with other things, the negotiated contracts and you follow a certain set of rules that are not part of the bidding rules, that would be difficult,” the President said.

“That is just direction. If you do not want to follow, it’s OK. But make sure there will be no problems. If problems arise, you will have a headache.”

Executive Order 2 or the FOI order covers all government offices under the executive branch, including but not limited to the national government and all its offices, department­s, bureaus, offices and instrument­alities, including state-run firms and state universiti­es and colleges. LGUs are “encouraged” to observe and be guided by the order.

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