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On the sixth episode of the Season 9 of Modern Living TV, hosts Stephanie ZubiriCres­pi and Bianca Gonzalez-Intal brightens the week with diverse stories on urban exploratio­ns— from a blogger’s fashion styles, King couple’s collaborat­ion with Colourette cosmetics line, hybrid cafes, and Simply Modular’s stylish pieces of furniture.


Through her eye-catching photos in social media, fashion blogger Camille Co successful­ly promotes clothing designs and captivates the interests of fashion design enthusiast­s. Since 2011, Camille has been a great influencer through her blog, Camille Tries to Blog, which has now evolved and has also been discussing travel and beauty.

“I’ve always been into aesthetics and design. The love and the passion for it have always been there,” Camille shares. “I like to experiment. I like put bold accents every now and then, but at the end of the day I make sure it’s young but sophistica­ted.”

As Camille showcases her closet and her go-to poses, she also recounts her mother’s principle on clothing: “Whatever you are wearing is important, and it is something that you should put time and effort into.”


The Kings, cosmetics supplier owned by couple Joey and Angie King, collaborat­es with Colourette Cosmetics as part of its celebratio­n of the Pride Month. For both parties, this is a meaningful partnershi­p as it “stands for diversity and celebrates the LGBTQ community.”

Inspired by Angie and Joey’s contrasts and complement­s with each other, the Kings and Colourette comes up with what they call Dualitint, lip tint packaged in a duo of unique shades and infused with Argan oil and Shea butter. “As we were growing together, Angie wanted to keep things very simple. So I would find products that would make her life simple. This is what I talked to Nina about—I wanted to have the packaging or the containers to be a dual and that’ s when we came up with the duality diversity,” Joey narrates.

With Satchmi in Mega Fashion Hall, you may enjoy your food and coffee while listening to vinyl records. Considered a haven especially to music lovers, this cafe is furnished with an interior design that sets a unique and relaxing vibe. Satchmi also boasts its menu, including the Satchmi coffee blend, grilled cheese sandwich, pesto chicken pasta and cheesestea­k soup.

Another spotted hybrid café is in Kapitolyo, Pasig. A laundry shopcum-café, The Washery has cardoperat­ed washing machines side by side with the savory foods such as pastas, sandwishes, cookies, and cakes. “We thought of adding a café to make the people more comfortabl­e like while they wait for their laundry they can just stay here, do their work. ” says Camille Aquino, managing partner of Washery.

Coming from the name that means southeaste­rn France, La Provence in Bonifacio Global City actualizes the ambiance of this French region in Manila. As you enter this modern salon and café hybrid, you may experience the European countrysid­e feel due to its food and trained staff. “The concept is one-stop shop; meaning, you are here for your hair, nails, beauty, facial and what you want,” explains Mehdi Moussaoui, creative director of La Provence.


Through Simply Modular Furniture in Pasig, storage and maintainin­g organized things at home is not a complicati­on. This Do It Yourself furniture store supplies connectabl­e planks that are perfectly designed for those who love to constantly modify their interior layout. Simply Modular’s durable and stylish planks can be in different colors and self-assembled into various styles.

Bianca and design expert Jie Pambid explore the art of manipulati­ng Simply Modular pieces to produce several kinds of furniture. “With the right creativity and, of course, your imaginatio­n, you can create anything from storage pieces, to furniture, to, of course, stackable shelves, whatever your imaginatio­n dictates,” Jie says.

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 ??  ?? Bianca and design expert Jie Pambid explore the art of manipulati­ng Simply Modular pieces.
Bianca and design expert Jie Pambid explore the art of manipulati­ng Simply Modular pieces.
 ??  ?? Fashion designer and blogger Camille Co
Fashion designer and blogger Camille Co
 ??  ?? Washery managing partner Camille Aquino
Washery managing partner Camille Aquino

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