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Bienvenido Bañez, Jr. or Bones is, according to worldfamou­s surreal/visionary American artist Terrance Lindall, the “greatest living surrealist in the Philippine­s.” Bañez’s art revolves around the reign of evil in the world — the perpetrato­rs of war, poverty, injustice, environmen­tal degradatio­n, cultural decadence and terrorism.

And he expresses all these in a kaleidosco­pe of psychedeli­c human and subhuman figures, described by fellow Mindanao artist Phillip Somozo as “translucen­t images and luminositi­es swirling, shimmering, or disintegra­ting in a world bereft of gravity.”

Born in Davao City, Bañez studied at the Ford Academy of the Arts, where one of his tutors was no less than National Artist Victorio Edades. He later taught in the same institutio­n and the Philippine Women’s College in Davao.

In 2002, he won the Asian Fellowship Painting Competitio­n of the Vermont Center in Vermont, USA. In 2004, Bañez moved to New York where he now lives.

 ??  ?? “Mandaranga­n god of Mt. Apo,” oil on canvas (1998) by Bones Bañez
“Mandaranga­n god of Mt. Apo,” oil on canvas (1998) by Bones Bañez
 ??  ?? Bienvenido “Bones” Bañez, Jr.
Bienvenido “Bones” Bañez, Jr.

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