How to boost your life with Golden Oats Whole Grain, Or­ganic In­stant Oats

We have heard fit­ness gu­rus and med­i­cal prac­ti­tion­ers say that whole grain is the health­i­est of its kind and that it is linked to var­i­ous health ben­e­fits. Aside from these, what else do we know about this su­per­food?

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As the trend leads us back to nat­u­ral diet and clean eat­ing, how do we dif­fer­en­ti­ate the rows and lay­ers of whole grain and or­ganic oats rest­ing on the shelves of our gro­cery stores?

Here’s the real deal be­hind whole grains and or­ganic oats and how they can im­prove your day:

What is whole grain?

It is a grain that has not yet been re­fined and is still made up of its three main parts — the bran, en­dosperm and germ. Its three orig­i­nal parts are the keep­ers of vi­ta­mins and nu­tri­ents that our body needs such as an­tiox­i­dants, B vi­ta­mins, fiber, pro­tein, min­er­als and car­bo­hy­drates.

“Choles­terol-Low­er­ing Ben­e­fits of a Whole Grain Oat Ready-to Eat Ce­real,” a study con­ducted at the Uni­ver­sity of Min­nesota Heart Dis­ease Pre­ven­tion Clinic, showed that peo­ple can lower their blood choles­terol by an av­er­age of 3.8 per­cent over six weeks by en­joy­ing three cups of cold ce­real made with 100-per­cent whole grain oats ev­ery day as part of a healthy lower-fat diet.

“A prac­ti­cal ap­proach to re­duc­ing blood choles­terol is to con­sume oat-based ce­real prod­ucts on a daily ba­sis. Nu­mer­ous clin­i­cal tri­als and stud­ies in free-liv­ing pop­u­la­tions have shown that the in­clu­sion of foods rich in sol­u­ble fiber, such as whole grain oats and oat bran, re­duced blood choles­terol be­yond the ef­fect of a low-fat low­c­holes­terol diet,” the clin­i­cal study re­vealed.

Why should you eat Golden Oats Whole Grain?

It has been proven that whole grains have nutri­tional ad­van­tages. One of its ben­e­fits in­cludes sup­ply­ing sol­u­ble fiber, which pro­longs stom­ach-emp­ty­ing for slower re­lease and ab­sorp­tion of sugar.

Mean­while, oat, known sci­en­tif­i­cally as Avena sativa, is hardy ce­real grain that can with­stand poor soil con­di­tion and are typ­i­cally har­vested dur­ing the fall sea­son. It also gains part of its distinc­tive fla­vor from the roast­ing process it un­der­goes af­ter be­ing har­vested and cleaned.

Whole Grain In­stant Oats is made from 100-per­cent im­ported high­grade oats, which are pro­cessed and packed hy­gien­i­cally to en­sure that con­sumers get the best qual­ity, taste and fresh­ness.

Al­though oats are hulled, the process does not strip away the bran and germ, al­low­ing it to re­tain a con­cen­trated source of fiber and nu­tri­ents. Con­sid­ered as one of the rich­est sil­i­con foods, oat also helps re­new the bones and all con­nec­tive tis­sues.

A healthy in­take of oats strength­ens the body and mind as the grain con­tains phos­pho­rous, which is for brain and nerve for­mu­la­tion dur­ing youth. It also re­moves choles­terol from the di­ges­tive tract and ar­ter­ies, and strength­ens car­diac mus­cles.

The or­gan­i­cally grown oats cook in six min­utes in a pot of boil­ing water, let­ting you en­joy con­ve­nient cook­ing and healthy eat­ing.

Why should you try Golden Oats Pre­mium Or­ganic Gran­u­lated In­stant Oats?

The Golden Oats Pre­mium Or­ganic Gran­u­lated In­stant Oats are packed with health-giv­ing nu­tri­ents that re­leases the en­ergy you need in only a few min­utes. A serv­ing gen­tly raises en­ergy lev­els, stim­u­lates suf­fi­cient ner­vous en­ergy for qual­ity sleep, and sig­nif­i­cantly lower blood choles­terol to com­bat car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­eases.

It is also chem­i­cal-free and eth­i­cally sourced for ev­ery Filipino’s health ben­e­fit and en­joy­ment.

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