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I have calmed and qui­eted my­self, I am like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child I am con­tent.

— Psalm 131:2 As I was near­ing the end of lunch with my sis­ter and her chil­dren one af­ter­noon, my sis­ter told my three­year-old niece, An­nica, it was time to get ready for her nap. Her face filled with alarm. “But Aunt Mon­ica did not hold me yet to­day!” she ob­jected, tears fill­ing her eyes. My sis­ter smiled. “Okay, she may hold you first — how long do you need?” “Five min­utes,” she replied.

As I held my niece, I was grate­ful for how, with­out even try­ing, she con­stantly re­minds me what it looks like to love and be loved. I think some­times we for­get that our faith jour­ney is one of learn­ing to ex­pe­ri­ence love — God’s love — more fully than we can imag­ine (Eph. 3:18). When we lose that fo­cus, we can find our­selves, like the older brother in Je­sus’s para­ble of the prodi­gal son, try­ing des­per­ately to win God’s ap­proval while miss­ing out on all He has al­ready given us (Luke 15:25-32).

Psalm 131 is one prayer in Scrip­ture that can help us to “be­come like lit­tle chil­dren” (Matt. 18:3) and to let go of the bat­tle in our mind over what we don’t un­der­stand (Ps. 131:1). In­stead, through time with Him we can re­turn to a place of peace (v. 2), find­ing the hope we need (v. 3) in His love — as calm and quiet as if we were chil­dren again in our moth­ers’ arms (v. 2).

— Mon­ica Brands Lord, we are so grate­ful for those in our lives who re­mind us what it means to love and be loved. Help us to be ever more deeply rooted in Your love.

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