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To burger-fin­ity and be­yond

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Sound the alarm: There is a new menu at 8Cuts. Not that their ex­ist­ing menu was bad — I mean, their burg­ers are pos­si­bly still the best in town — but for their sev­enth an­niver­sary (That’s a school-age kid al­ready!), they’re mix­ing things up with some new things to of­fer.

We got to try the new menu at their re­lo­cated Green­belt 2 lo­ca­tion (you’ve prob­a­bly been to it: the two-storey glass build­ing that used to be a yo­gurt shop — Makati OGs know), and boy, it’s a doozy. There are more rice meals, more daily steals, and some new desserts, too. And 8Cuts cel­e­brates its sev­enth an­niver­sary with a new menu that in­tro­duces some truly hunger-bust­ing meals. just like their burg­ers, the new dishes are big on size and big on fla­vor.

Let’s start with the ap­pe­tiz­ers: first on the new menu is the Thigh Pop­pers, bone­less chicken bites with a salt and pep­per coat­ing and a choice of a bleu cheese or ranch dip. They also come in a BBQ ba­con but­ter fla­vor, which gets you greased up just the right amount for the meal ahead. There’s also the Loaded Tex Mex Na­chos, which used to be a Green­belt ex­clu­sive, but is now mak­ing its way into the reg­u­lar menu across all lo­ca­tions. It’s pretty stan­dard na­chos, but be warned: it’s a big serv­ing. Share it with two or more friends un­less you want to be

bun­dat even be­fore you get to the mains. Speak­ing of mains, there’s quite a laun­dry list of new things. The clas­sics are still there, of course (The Piggy 4eva, baby), but these new dishes are well worth a try. First is the Heavy­weight Fried Chicken, and let me tell you that they aren’t ly­ing when they say heavy­weight. Each piece (it comes with two pieces stan­dard, with the op­tion of adding a third) is about the size of two small fists com­bined. As good fried chick­ens go, these are très juicy and very ten­der with de­li­ciously crispy skin.

If that chicken’s got your mouth wa­ter­ing but you still want a burger (I mean, what else would you go to 8Cuts for?), they’ve got the Gut Buster for you. It’s got a piece of fried chicken, house rice, a side of skinny fries or onion rings, and a burger bomb patty. If that sounds like a lot, that’s be­cause it is — don’t get this un­less you’re all-caps HUN­GRY. Other gut-bust­ing op­tions in­clude The Thigh Breaker, which serves up Thigh Pop­pers, house rice and salad, and skinny fries or onion rings. There’s also The Party An­i­mal, a.k.a. 8Cuts’ adult ver­sion of the clas­sic Pi­noy birth­day party meal: Party Spaghetti (now made less sweet from their orig­i­nal recipe), Thigh Pop­pers, a cheese­burger slider, and a side of skinny fries or onion rings. I’m smack­ing my lips just think­ing about it.

Most of these meals are also avail­able as solo dishes, like the fried chicken and the Burger Bomb. The Thigh Pop­pers only come as an ap­pe­tizer, but if you’re keen on mak­ing it ulam — I mean, why the heck not — just or­der a side or rice and you’re good to go. But the true big boy of ulams in this new 8Cuts menu comes in the form of the Big­gerThan-Your-Face Fried Pork Chop, which is, quite lit­er­ally, big­ger than your face. I’m not kid­ding.

The burger front also has a few new things to of­fer: The Four Cheese 2.0, which you can imag­ine is very full of cheese, and The Meat­head, which is all meat and no veg­gies, for those of you who are averse to eat­ing leaves on burg­ers. They also fi­nally have a chicken burger in the form of the BBQ Ba­con But­ter Chick ‘Wich. But most ex­cit­ing is the op­tion of now be­ing able to make any burger patty a burger bomb patty. Imag­ine a cheese­burger with a cheese patty! Or The Piggy with a cheese patty! The pos­si­bil­i­ties are drooldrip­pingly end­less.

And last, but def­i­nitely not least, are the desserts. I’m not a sweet tooth my­self, but even I couldn’t re­sist in­dulging in 8Cuts’ two new desserts: an ube shake that takes af­ter its cousin Manam’s ver­sion, and what 8Cuts calls the No Mo’ Heart­break, which is ba­si­cally a plat­ter of cook­ies à la mode, but with bite-sized Mo’ Cook­ies. I’ve got­ten pretty full all over again telling you about all this food, but let me tell you: I can’t wait to go back for more.

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 ?? Art by NEAL P. COR­PUS ?? 8Cuts' new menu adds some gut-fill­ing rice meals with fried chicken and pork chop, and desserts in­cor­po­rated from its sis­ter restau­rants.
Art by NEAL P. COR­PUS 8Cuts' new menu adds some gut-fill­ing rice meals with fried chicken and pork chop, and desserts in­cor­po­rated from its sis­ter restau­rants.

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