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Reduced water rates seen next month


Customers of water concession­aires Maynilad Water Services Inc. and Manila Water Co. Inc. will see lower water bills at the start of 2021.

At a virtual briefing yesterday, the Metropolit­an Waterworks and Sewerage System- Regulatory Office (MWSS-RO) said the MWSS Board of Trustees has approved the recommenda­tion to reduce tariffs based on the first quarter foreign currency differenti­al adjustment ( FCDA) for both concession­aires.

This means that a rollback would be implemente­d for the January to March 2021 period for both water firms.

MWSS chief regulator Patrick Ty said the Philippine peso keeps on appreciati­ng versus other foreign denominati­ons like the US dollar and Japanese yen, thus the reduction.

Maynilad’s decrease is equivalent to P0.05 per cubic meter while that of Manila Water is a decrease of P0.15 per cu.m. of its basic charge.

Manila Water customers who consume up to 10 cu.m. per month would have a rollback of P0.76 per month while those consuming an average of 20 cu.m. would have a downward adjustment of P1.69.

Customers using 30 cu.m. would see a rollback of about P3.54.

Meanwhile, Maynilad residentia­l customers consuming an average of 10 cu.m. or less every month would have a rollback of P0.05 per month while those consuming 20 cu.m. would have a P0.64 decrease in their water bills.

Those using more than 30 cu.m. would experience a decrease of P1.30 per month.

Adjusted rates for both Maynilad and Manila Water would be effective starting Jan. 1.

FCDA is the tariff mechanism granted to utility companies to allow them to recover losses or give back gains arising from the fluctuatin­g movement of the peso against other currencies, as the concession­aires pay foreign- dominated fees as well as loans to fund projects that will improve service for their customers.

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