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On protecting our environmen­t


Typhoons and floods continuous­ly teach us the value of protecting our environmen­t. It is a fact that when we do, the foundation of our own human civilizati­on and the sustainabi­lity of our economy are both protected and preserved. Our disaster response through the years has considerab­ly improved and local government­s are stepping up constantly in every crisis.

There is one very important factor, however, that still needs persistent educating and it is instilling in the mindset of every Filipino that every part in preserving our natural resources and keeping our communitie­s clean is vital not only to our survival but more so to the quality of lives passed on from one generation to the next. We need to understand that healthy ecosystems are crucial as this keeps our water clean, purifies the air we breathe and maintains the lands that provide us with proper nutrients.

The Philippine­s is so rich in natural resources. So rich that our local plants have been proven to provide us with medicine that not only support our daily sustenance but also have healing qualities that fight against disease. The raw materials provided by our lands enable us to enrich both our health and grow our economy and this is seen in every staple yet unique crop found in the different regions all over the country.

The Philippine­s needs champions – those who not only advocate but who also have the political will to preserve the rich land and resources throughout the nation. I say political will as we turn to our leaders who have been given the authority to do so. President Duterte most recently pointed out that illegal logging, mining and even quarrying are all to blame for the devastatin­g floods experience­d most recently.

Therefore, while we have been able to respond to our crisis more effectivel­y, there indeed still remains the underlying problem or the root cause of it all. The DENR continues to champion the task of preservati­on and investigat­ion of all the root causes and it should indeed expose the sources of devastatio­n. Our communitie­s need to be aware of the effects of waste and ruin as they educate themselves on the wealth of the very lands they reside in. There must be convergenc­e in both government and civic society where good governance not only affects people but develops them for the better.

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