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Constructi­on works fall 66% in Q2


Building activity fell by 65.5 percent annually in the second quarter of the year, the height of pandemic- control lockdowns, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) reported.

Based on the PSA’s Constructi­on Statistics from Approved Building Permits: Second Quarter report, the number of constructi­on projects during the period declined to 16,004 from 46,453 projects in the second quarter of 2019.

This was also significan­tly fewer than the 32,445 projects in the first quarter.

By type of constructi­on, residentia­l projects totaling 12,004 made up 75 percent of the total number of constructi­ons during the period.

This type of constructi­on, majority of which were single-type houses, contracted by 65.3 percent annually, faster than the 28.5 percent annual decline in the previous quarter.

Next to residentia­l constructi­ons were non- residentia­l projects – mostly commercial buildings – which comprised 14.2 percent of total constructi­ons during the quarter. Nonresiden­tial constructi­ons also declined at an annual rate of 64 percent in the second quarter.

The rest were additions and alteration­s and repairs of existing structures.

Building activity was strongest in Calabarzon, Central Visayas and Ilocos Region during the period.

In the second quarter, the total value of constructi­ons amounted to P25 billion.

The total floor area of constructi­ons for this quarter was recorded at 2.5 million square meters, which indicated a decline of 77.2 percent annually.

With subdued activity, the average cost in the second quarter declined by 14.5 percent to P9,789 per square meter, with non-residentia­l buildings remaining the costliest.

Constructi­on statistics are generated from approved building permits as well as from the demolition and fencing permits collected every month by PSA field personnel from the offices of local building officials.

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