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Anne Curtis, Isabelle Daza, Roxanne Farillas and Paulina Ortega partner up for a lifestyle brand that’s a ‘recess from life.’


wherever possible, Recess uses biodegrada­ble and compostabl­e packaging, doing away with cloth tags on the garments themselves, to coming up with a use for excess fabric, resulting to the medium support Tricolor Athlete bra. Its colorful piping is made out of leftover fabric scraps/ retasos from the leggings. The Come At Me bra is a V-neck with light to medium support with adjustable straps and removable pads. This feature also makes the bra easier to wash. Like its name suggests, the Going Places crop is a scoopneck crop top that can be worn at the gym or for going out. All bras have a velvety garter that gives no-slide support that feels nice against the skin. The Do Everything legging is the athleisure legging, with a gentle compressio­n that seamlessly transition­s from lounge to activewear. One of the changes that Anne had to go through while planning Recess was pregnancy. Isabelle had difficulty finding a maternity legging while she was pregnant, so she had to have The Future is Here in the product lineup, poised to become the perfect maternity legging. “I was able to test our leggings throughout the journey. It’s so comfortabl­e and gives you the right amount of support when you’re carrying a little one,” attests Anne. One of the first to test the maternity leggings was womenswear designer Vania Romoff who had asked Isabelle about the V-cut detail in the back. “It’s to support the bump. But also, when you’re pregnant, you don’t feel at your sexiest, so it gives you a little of that sexy back,” says Isabelle. The Team Player bra and Personal Best leggings both have lightweigh­t mediumto-high compressio­n for more endurancea­nd strength-focused activities. In the Personal Best leggings, complement­ing the medium compressio­n in the leg is a heat-pressed two-ply waistband for added support to the core. “It’s like wearing a very, very, very light sauna strap,” says Roxanne of her favorite piece. “It gives you the

The Future is Here is poised to become the perfect maternity legging with the right amount of support. right compressio­n and support for your core and for your back. When you want to do endurance and strength workout, it’s perfect for you. The entire legging fits like second skin. It feels light and soft to the skin even as it gives you that compressio­n.” “It took us so long to develop the two-ply fabric that gives us the right compressio­n. It sucks our puson in,” says Isabelle. There are also two tops in 100-percent cotton: the Halfway There tee and the Easy tank. Last is the WLB, made with a bit of weight for traveling, errands, or as a pre-, during, or post-workout topper. And when you’re just staying in, it works, too. Paulina quips, “It’s something we’ve thrown on to look more put-together in our video calls.” Recess is anything that allows you a quick break, and this lineup of thoughtful­ly considered activewear gives back meaningful time from having one less thing to worry about. Nothing tugs, nothing hikes up or slides down. Everything matches. Reasonable pricing is also included in its inclusivit­y goal: P1,398 to P1,598 for bras, P1,798 to P1,898 for leggings, P898 and P998 for shirts, and P2,698 for jackets. *** Recess is available in Zalora and on its website by Dec. 10. Follow @our.recess on Instagram for updates. The WLB jacket is the work-life-balance companion for traveling, errands, or as a pre-, during, or post-workout topper, or even Zoom calls.

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 ??  ?? Recess’ inclusive sizing goes from 1 to 6, not XS to XXL, while the bras accommodat­e cup sizes AA-DD.
Recess’ inclusive sizing goes from 1 to 6, not XS to XXL, while the bras accommodat­e cup sizes AA-DD.

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