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Vicki bats for ‘positive pro-aging’


Celebritie­s Rhian Ramos and Dr. Vicki Belo, founder of the Belo Medical Group, are both evangelist­s of the rejuvenati­ng wonders of NCTF ( New Cellular Treatment Factor) by FillMed Laboratoir­es.

Rather than being “anti” aging, Vicki believes in “positive proaging.” I think this belief is empowering for all women, because every year that passes — every day, in fact — is a gift to them.

“Aging should be something celebrated and not dreaded. There’s a way to age without looking aged. As we grow older, we become ever wiser and our outer beauty should evolve just as positively. FillMed and NCTF allow you to age as gracefully as possible,” says Vicki.

According to Vicki, NCTF, “using the power of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids and minerals harnessed to its full potential, becomes a supreme rejuvenati­ng solution that, once injected into the skin, can reduce fine lines and wrinkles and bring back radiance while getting rid of dullness.”

FillMed also created the Nanosoft Needle, the smallest needle in the market at 0.66mm, up to three times smaller than the average injection needle, which makes it perfect for injecting NCTF into delicate areas like the eyelids, neck and décolletag­e.

Vicki says that acne used to be her number one skin problem, and focusing on that, she neglected her eyes and neck — the areas that truly show the wages of time. With NCTF, she has fewer regrets, she says. Rhian, on the other hand, believes it’s never too early to make a fresh start in skin care before it becomes a challenge in later years.

Well, it’s never too early or too late to consult your dermatolog­ist about NCTF and other FillMed products. FillMed is brought in exclusivel­y to the Philippine­s by the Sashi Group headed by Dr. Hayden Kho Jr., and will be accessible in different dermatolog­ical and aesthetic clinics across the Philippine­s.

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