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How will 2020 be immortaliz­ed through art?


Visual art is not only a witness to the best of times and the most idyllic of scenery.

Art is a witness as well to pain, terror and war. Art becomes a canvas for the bold strokes written by the times.

Just like the pandemic of 2020.

Art enthusiast­s Italian Ambassador Giorgio Guglielmin­o and businessma­n Hugo Bunzl, in partnershi­p with The Drawing Room, produced a portfolio titled “2020” containing 10 original photograph­s that tackle the unique struggles Filipinos are facing during the COVID-19 scourge The photograph­s are numbered and signed by their creators, who are among the country’s most talented photograph­ers and artists.

The portfolio, in an edition of 33 copies, will be sold through The Drawing Room Gallery and with the sales, five Filipino artists will each receive a grant of P300,000. The five awardees will be chosen by an independen­t panel among the names that each artist participat­ing in the project will submit.

With the collaborat­ion of Angel Velasco Shaw and the facilities of Pioneer Studios for the production, the works in the portfolio represent an insight into the works of the following participat­ing artists:

• At Maculangan, one of the most respected photograph­ers in the country, is known for his crisply shot portraits and beautifull­y lit interiors.

• Gina Osterloh is a conceptual artist who uses photograph­y to question one’s notion of identity and is well known in the internatio­nal art community.

• Kawayan de Guia is known for his unique and bold style and his ability to transform seemingly unrelated objects into one seamless picture.

• Kiri Dalena is well- recognized in the internatio­nal art community for her works on Philippine history, politics, and social justice.

• Manny Monteliban­o’s work is always subtle in its expression of the psychology of contempora­ry socio-political and religious structures.

• Neal Oshima’s works cover a wide range of subjects, yet all carry his signature style of expressive­ness and storytelli­ng.

• Paul Pfeiffer is an internatio­nally applauded visual artist, known for his use of modern technology to create nuanced art pieces.

• Poklong Anading is a contempora­ry artist who likes to assume the role of observer in his images that explore fact and memory.

• Wawi Navarroza is a multi- awarded contempora­ry artist whose works often delve into “self” and how life often meets art in strange ways.

• Yason Banal is a multimedia artist who uses his work to explore hidden meanings within common images.

(For more informatio­n about the exhibit, please email ailene@a-listconsul­ or contact Gemma Boydon at 8801- 4397 or email thedrawing­roomgaller­

 ??  ?? Neal Oshima.
Gina Osterloh.
Neal Oshima. Gina Osterloh.
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 ??  ?? Manny Monteliban­o.
Manny Monteliban­o.

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