The Philippine Star



Designer: Joel Wijangco

Mentor: Cari-Dawn Conejero

Maker: Tawong Lipod Creative Studio

What it is: Writer Wijangco dedicated his shoe to his sister, who’s suffering from cancer. “She’s a very brave and hardworkin­g woman, and one of the things that she used to order whenever she’s here visiting from Japan would be the ramen — it’s one of her favorites.”

He thought it would be fun “to take this innocent little bowl of noodles and make it the hero of its own fairy tale. So it’s a campy and humorous piece, and I think that it’s something we need right now in this time of anger and fear and bad news.”

The heelless shoe defies gravity; Wijangco changed the angle of the sole and put most of the weight in the platform at the ball of the foot, and used unconventi­onal materials like plastic, chopsticks, rubber, and an insole of resin and fiberglass. “It’s a crazy, crazy recipe,” he laughs. “This is a flight of fancy that shows us that the impossible, can be possible.”

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