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I would like to keep my anonymity as what I am about to ask you is some­thing very sen­si­tive and per­sonal to me. I am an avid fan of your mag­a­zine, and I am also happy to see how Filipino cit­i­zens have be­come proac­tive in re­port­ing traf­fic vi­o­la­tors. How­ever, some­times, there is more than meets the eye with what we see, and we be­come too quick to judge. And more of­ten than not, this leads to se­ri­ous im­pli­ca­tions for the per­son be­ing cy­ber­bul­lied.

This af­ter­noon, I caused traf­fic on the road be­cause of a per­sonal prob­lem. I ar­gued with a friend who had be­trayed me. I found out that he had been back­bit­ing me. While I meant to con­front him about it, I didn’t mean for things to get ugly. I lost con­trol and ended up spray-painting my friend’s car in pub­lic.

I’m not sure if any­one cap­tured the scene on video, but if some­body did and sub­mit­ted it to you, I humbly beg that you pre­vent it from go­ing vi­ral. I am most con­cerned about my preg­nant wife. Please al­low me to re­solve this prob­lem pri­vately.

I wish your mag­a­zine more power.

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