‘There’s some­thing about these time cap­sules that ev­ery­one loves’

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so unique. Look closely at the paint on this car and you will see cracks on the paint that spread out like a spi­der­web. There is noth­ing quite like the look and tex­ture. We are sure there are meth­ods to du­pli­cate this, but the real thing is a sight to be­hold.

Al­fred won’t mind if peo­ple run their hands over the body­work or even lean on the Ply­mouth. An­other cool thing about patina cars is you don’t have to baby them or park them be­hind glass. You can drive them any­where and not worry at all about dings or scratches.

Es­tab­lished clas­sic-car shows abroad usu­ally have a class made espe­cially for patina or pre­served cars. There’s some­thing about these time cap­sules that ev­ery­one loves, and if you own such a car, you’re pretty lucky. How do you stop the de­te­ri­o­ra­tion? We’ve heard the best way is to keep driv­ing and main­tain­ing it like you would an ev­ery­day ride. Sounds sim­ple enough.

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