KARISIA, a pas­try chef, ANd PETER, a psy­chol­o­gist, TIEd ThE KNOT AT san­tu­ario de san an­to­nio, fOL­LOWEd by A RE­CEP­TION AT Whites­pace.

Town & Country (Philippines) - - CONTENTS / SEPTEMBER DEPARTMENTS - Edited by Man­ica C. Tiglao Pho­to­graphs by Pat Dy and Fran­cis Perez

Karisia Acuña Bi­tong weds Peter Yatco Gat­mai­tan.

tEll uS hoW you MEt. WhAt WErE your FIrSt IM­prES­SIoNS? We were set up on a blind date by one of my best friends, Lexi Schulze Testa, and our mu­tual friend, Ana de Ocampo, in 2015. We had din­ner at Peo­ple’s Palace and went for drinks at blind Pig. It was a seven-hour first date! I thought he was a bit se­ri­ous but quite in­ter­est­ing and very smart. I liked that he was so tall—I was wear­ing three-inch heels and he still tow­ered over me. WhAt Do you Ap­prE­cI­AtE MoSt ABout EAch othEr AND ABout your rE­lA­tIoN­ShIp?

I love how Peter in­stantly be­came a part of my fam­ily. he got along with every­body right away—my nieces and neph­ews took to him in­stantly, and that was a def­i­nite plus. Peter liked that I’m very close to my fam­ily and he says that’s one of the rea­sons he fell in love with me. As cheesy as it sounds, it prob­a­bly had a lot to do with tim­ing and des­tiny. I al­ways thought I would know when I was fi­nally with the right per­son—it was the third time I saw him (he had or­dered a cake from me) when I thought, “It’s him.” I think it’s be­cause we both knew what we wanted and weren’t play­ing games any­more. We are able to talk to each other about any­thing and ev­ery­thing, which is so im­por­tant. We make each other laugh and we make it a point to al­ways go on date nights. hoW DID hE pro­poSE? he had been talk­ing about get­ting mar­ried, but I al­ways pushed it aside as I de­cided I wouldn’t think about it un­til he asked me. It was my nephew’s bap­tism that day and we were hav­ing me­rienda at Cirkulo. My mom and I ar­rived to­gether and when we en­tered the func­tion room, my neph­ews and nieces rushed to hug and kiss me. I looked around and saw my whole fam­ily and all my best friends, a lit­tle bit con­fused. It was when I saw Peter’s dad that I started cry­ing. Peter had pre­pared a video, and when it was over, he made a speech, got down on one knee, and gave me his mom’s ring. It was per­fect. FA­vorItE Mo­MENtS

FroM your WED­DING? My mom and I de­cided to hold hands while walk­ing down the aisle as that was what felt right and most com­fort­able. I re­mem­bered to walk very slowly and tried to look at ev­ery­one who was there. It was very emo­tional as I saw the peo­ple I love most so happy for me. Later, Peter sur­prised me with a song num­ber, Alamid’s “your Love.” I was speech­less. I also loved danc­ing with my nieces and neph­ews and my girl­friends.

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