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Town & Country (Philippines) - - INVALUABLE PATTERN RECOGNITION -

Co­or­di­nat­ing walls and up­hol­stery is a ven­er­a­ble tra­di­tion. Louis XIV did it by the acre at Ver­sailles; French heiress and novelist Louise de Vil­morin, who wrote Madame

de…, fa­mously did it in a blue flo­ral to the draw­ing room of her château. This year fash­ion de­sign­ers are giv­ing their col­lec­tions the same treat­ment. It’s a tightrope walk, though. Too much and it feels matchy, too lit­tle and an op­por­tu­nity is lost. As Robert Rauschen­berg said, “Hav­ing to be dif­fer­ent is the same trap as hav­ing to be the same.”

Pho­to­graph by Don Penny Styled by Will Kahn Home Mar­ket Edi­tor: Sarah Bray

rALph LAu­ren home Sanc­tu­ary Flo­ral Fab­ric on wall, lam­pShade, and pil­low, ralphlau­ren­; GuccI pil­lowS, Green­belt 4, 757.6291; huGo GuIn­ness wa­ter­col­orS, huGoGuin­; KrB drinkS ta­ble, krb­; oomph tray, oom­ph­; pArKer KenneDy LIv­InG an­tiqueS, park­; pAuL schneIDer ce­rAm­Ics lamp, paulSch­nei­derce­ram­; sferrA linenS,; the LAcquer com­pAny tray Stand, thelac­quer­com­; Vin­taGe head­board From 1stDIBs,; ALexAn­Der wAnG San­dalS, alexan­der­

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