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Watchmen Daily Journal - - Nation - By El­gen A. Cas­tro, Teacher 1, Vic­to­rias El­e­men­tary School (Paid ar­ti­cle)

Ev­ery­one likes to think about the fu­ture. Who among of you here have ex­pe­ri­enced day­dream­ing for your fu­ture hus­band, fu­ture wife, fu­ture fam­ily to build, fu­ture car to drive, fu­ture house to live, and fu­ture money to count and re­ceive?

We seem to be ide­al­is­tic and we dream for the best that we can ever be. We might be a hyp­ocrite per­son if we would claim that we don't in­dulge with th­ese ideas. As the adage goes “li­bre lang man­garap,” so why don't you dream big?

When I was your age, I also dreamed of lift­ing up my fam­ily from the bondage of poverty. Poverty in the sense that you need to help your par­ents in or­der to sup­port and sus­tain your daily needs, you need to work in the sug­ar­cane plan­ta­tion dur­ing Satur­days and sum­mer just to have an ex­tra penny for school projects. De­spite those sac­ri­fices that I had, I am still grate­ful to our Almighty for I have sup­port­ive par­ents who were al­ways at my side, be­ing so proud of all my achieve­ments and my com­pan­ions in re­al­iz­ing my dreams.

I need not to elab­o­rate fur­ther my sac­ri­fices and strug­gles in life for I do be­lieve that some of you are ex­pe­ri­enc­ing more than what I had ex­pe­ri­enced. I know some of you are not only fight­ing to be free from the bondage of poverty but also fac­ing fam­ily prob­lems and other so­cial catas­tro­phe.

Other peo­ple may mis­un­der­stand and judge you of the be­hav­iour you dis­play today with­out deeply dig­ging the cause of it. But my ques­tion to you my dear stu­dents is would you al­low them to un­der es­ti­mate you and la­beled you with a neg­a­tive name tag?

Prove them that they are wrong with their pre­mo­ni­tions of what will you be­come. Make use of their crit­i­cisms and un­der­es­ti­ma­tion of your ca­pac­ity as a fuel to­wards your cho­sen jour­ney. And by that you can now open the first door to­wards suc­cess.

Ac­cord­ing to the book that I have read, the best way to pre­pare for the fu­ture is to live each day to the best that you can so that later in life there will not be any re­grets. It is not just the ma­jor de­ci­sions and choices in our lives that af­fect our fu­ture. Often it is a whole se­ries of small choices that we make daily that will de­ter­mine what our fu­ture will be.

Of course there are many things that will take hap­pen in the fu­ture that are be­yond our con­trol. Cir­cum­stances play a ma­jor rule. How­ever if we fo­cus on the things that we can con­trol, such as our at­ti­tude, the friends we choose, study­ing and work­ing to the best of our abil­ity and po­ten­tial, we can help guide the course of our fu­ture. And the most im­por­tant thing to linger is trust­ing in God; one can be as­sured of His care and con­trol over one's fu­ture. If we fol­low Christ and His teach­ings, there is a prom­ise that He made to His early fol­low­ers that is still true for us. I am with you al­ways to the very end of the age.

Today I may not in­spire all of you but I hope that I have im­parted some­thing that may chal­lenge you to try open­ing the first and sec­ond doors of suc­cess and every­thing will be smoothly sail­ing.

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