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You will prob­a­bly want ev­ery­one to know how you feel to­day, Aries. You won’t be shy about ex­press­ing your emo ons. Feel free to take the lead on ma ers, for you have the self‐con­fi­dence and emo onal sta­bil­ity to do quite well at the helm of the ship. Try not to let your mind trip over it­self, how­ever. You have the ten­dency to think about one is­sue so much that you com­pletely lose per­spec ve.


Put your foot down to­day, Taurus. Don’t let oth­ers push you around. It could be that you’re used to le ng peo­ple have their way in or­der to keep the peace. The prob­lem with this is that your dreams and goals may get lost in the shuf­fle. Don’t lose sight of your true des na on. There’s much more to life than you might see on the sur­face. Dig deeper.


For good­ness’ sake, make a de­ci­sion to­day, Gemini. The more you floun­der about which way to go, the like­lier it is that you will miss the boat al­to­gether. You have all the facts you need, so don’t de­lay any longer. Once you make up your mind, be strong and throw all your weight be­hind it. Your mind can be like a com­puter fil­ing away in­forma on as long as you stay alert.


Men­tally, you’re apt to do very well to­day, Can­cer. You will find that you can tackle just about any cere­bral chal­lenge that comes along. The most dif­fi­cult as­pect of the day will be deal­ing with your emo ons. More than likely, you will feel a great de­sire for a en on. You just want to be loved. Get up on stage and say what’s in your heart. This isn’t a good me to har­bor your feel­ings.


Your heart is in the right place to­day, Leo, so feel free to share your good mood with oth­ers. Keep things sim­ple and straigh+or­ward. Try not to com­pli­cate is­sues with un­nec­es­sary gar­ble. Stream­line your thoughts and ac ons. You will find that you can be much more ef­fi­cient when you cut out the as­pects that aren’t per nent or ab­so­lutely nec­es­sary. Fol­low your heart.


You may find it hard to get rolling to­day, Virgo. It’s likely that you’re caught in a grid­lock be­tween your mind and heart. Be care­ful about le ng this ten­sion build. The most im­por­tant thing for you to­day is to re­lax. Tackle things one step at a me and fin­ish one project be­fore star ng another. You could get over­whelmed if you have too many things on your plate at once.


You’re apt to be spurred into ac on by strong forces that don’t want you to take a break, Libra. Keep in mind that the more you re­sist, the more you will be pushed and pulled by out­side sources. If you find your­self in a bind, take a deep breath and calm down. Act from a point of neu­tral­ity in­stead of a point of anger or de­fen­sive­ness.


Feel free to let it all out to­day, Scorpio. It’s fi­nally your turn to stand up and say what you feel. Don’t let oth­ers push you into places you don’t want to be. The key is to probe deeply with your pen­e­tra ng mind and share your in­cred­i­ble in­sights with oth­ers. Don’t be sur­prised if your ac ons cause some ten­sion. Don’t let this stop you from do­ing what you feel is right.


Emo on­ally speak­ing, you’re prob­a­bly do­ing quite well to­day, Sagi ar­ius. You have ex­tra self‐con­fi­dence to draw on to tackle your projects. The one dif­fi­cult as­pect of the day prob­a­bly has to do with some sort of men­tal chal­lenge that for some rea­son just isn’t mak­ing sense. Don’t con nue to beat a dead horse. If things don’t want to budge, let them sit. Tackle them later.


You might be in a bit of a jam to­day, Capricorn, when one per­son or situa on doesn’t work well with what you’re think­ing, and another doesn’t fit well with what you’re feel­ing. There’s a clash tak­ing place that may be dif­fi­cult to rec­on­cile, es­pe­cially if you re­main stub­bornly in your posi on. The more flex­i­ble you are, the be er off you will be.


To­day is a good day for you to fol­low through, Aquarius. Nor­mally you’re much be er at tag­ging along or sim­ply go­ing with the flow of the situa on. This way of do­ing things has proven quite ef­fec ve for you in the past. In­deed, it has go en you far. What you have now is a dif­fer­ent situa on. The things you’ve started will do you no good un l you com­plete them.


Have sym­pa­thy for those who need to vent to­day, Pisces. Don’t be sur­prised if peo­ple line up out­side your door for a chance to bend your ear for an hour or two. Your mind is sharp. You will be able to see to the core of any is­sue brought be­fore you. More than likely, you will un­der­stand things in­tui vely. Peo­ple will do well to take your ad­vice on any is­sue they have.

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