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This is an im­por­tant day for you to give thanks for all that you have, Aries. Give your loved ones ex­tra hugs and let them know how much they mean to you. If things start to get a bit too se­ri­ous and somber, you’re the one who can pull oth­ers out of the rut. There is no need to be sad when you have so much to be happy about.


Main­tain a posi ve a tude, Tau­rus, and things will nat­u­rally flow your way. Tell a few jokes and keep things light and en­erge c. You will find that you can mul task very well and you have the abil­ity to make ev­ery­one smile. Don’t shy away from things - move to­ward them. Put away your self-doubt and be more proac ve in your ap­proach to ev­ery­thing you en­counter.


You may be re­luc­tant to com­mit to any­thing ma­jor to­day, Gem­ini. Your nat­u­ral ten­dency is to look askance at those who prom­ise grand and won­der­ful things. You’re smart to ques on such talk. Don’t be sur­prised if some­one’s new idea gar­ners all the ac­claim. Don’t buy into it without first hear­ing the facts. It isn’t a good day for you to gam­ble, ei­ther. Can­cer

This may be one of those days when you feel com­pletely alone even if there are hun­dreds of peo­ple around, Can­cer. No one seems to un­der­stand your per­spec ve. Your in­cred­i­ble sensi vity and emo on­al­ism is pu ng you in a cat­e­gory all your own. Try not to os­tra­cize your­self from the group. Reach out in­stead of pull away. You have more in com­mon with other peo­ple than you think.


Bal­ance your bois­ter­ous, ad­ven­tur­ous na­ture with a bit of dis­ci­pline to­day, Leo. It’s im­por­tant to laugh, but it’s also im­por­tant to stay on task with your du es. The good news is that both of these things can work in tan­dem. They aren’t mu­tu­ally ex­clu­sive. In fact, one will help you achieve the other. Be se­ri­ous, but have a good me and keep things in per­spec ve.


There may be a thou­sand things for you to do to­day, Virgo, but you can only get them done if you con­cen­trate on one at a me. Take a light­hearted ap­proach. You will never fin­ish by fo­cus­ing on the sheer amount of work you have to do. Break it up into smaller pieces and del­e­gate tasks if you can. Try to see the fun side of things. Sched­ule in breaks and snacks.


No ma)er what you’re do­ing to­day, have fun, Libra. Whis­tle a tune. Turn the stereo up to full vol­ume and dance around the kitchen as you make din­ner. You can find amuse­ment in just about any­thing, so keep this in mind as you tackle even the me­nial tasks. You’re re­spon­si­ble for your own a tude, so don’t blame any­one else for a sour mood. Turn your­self around and have fun.


You might need to spend me alone in or­der to re­set your pro­gram­ming, Scorpio. Other peo­ple’s in­flu­ence may be seep­ing into your psy­che. There’s no rea­son to al­ways do or say what other peo­ple dic­tate. Your sensi vity helps you un­der­stand things about oth­ers, but it can also bring you down if you start to take on their bur­dens. Try to coun­ter­bal­ance this ten­dency with more of your own en­ergy.


You will find that dis­ci­pline, or­ga­niza on, and a bit of a drama c flair are ex­actly the things needed to be suc­cess­ful to­day, Sagi)ar­ius. Just be­cause you have to be prac cal doesn’t mean that you have to be stern and grumpy. Re­mem­ber that tak­ing care of se­ri­ous ma)ers can ac­tu­ally be fun as long as you main­tain a posi ve a tude about the situa on. A smile goes a long way.


You might find it dif­fi­cult to deal with peo­ple on an emo onal level to­day, Capricorn. Oth­ers could seem too de­mand­ing of your a)en on, and want to keep the fo­cus on them­selves. At the same me, you will prob­a­bly need a bit more a)en on than usual. Try not to be so stub­born! Give peo­ple the love they need and you will find that the love you re­quire will come to you as well.


You might find your emo ons a bit damp­ened to­day, Aquarius, but this may not be a bad thing. Try not to blow things out of pro­por on so much. Don’t feel that you need to turn every small story into a ma­jor head­line. There’s no need to ex­ag­ger­ate the truth just to get more a)en on. Take a more re­served ap­proach to your ac ons and reac ons to all situa ons.


Make sure you get your daily dose of laugh­ter and try to come out of your shell a bit more, Pisces. This is an im­por­tant me for you to let go of your in­hibi ons and open up to the world. You may find that there’s a sober tone to your emo ons, but you can over­come this eas­ily as long as you keep your chin up. There’s no rea­son for you to be gloomy.

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