Trasla­cion 2019 be­gins as Ta­gle de­fends devo­tees

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MANILA – The an­nual pro­ces­sion of the Black Nazarene, called the Trasla­cion, be­gan yes­ter­day morn­ing with mil­lions of devo­tees pin­ning their hopes on the suf­fer­ing Christ.

The im­age of the Black Nazarene started mov­ing out of the Quirino Grand­stand at around 5:03 a.m. yes­ter­day.

The pro­ces­sion is ex­pected to last un­til around 2:30 a.m. to­day, Jan­uary 10.

The Philip­pine Na­tional Po­lice said more or less 260,000 devo­tees were at Quirino Grand­stand as of 4 a.m. yes­ter­day, an hour be­fore the pro­ces­sion be­gan.

The Feast of the Black Nazarene re­volves around the de­vo­tion to the suf­fer­ing Christ, rep­re­sented by a 17th­cen­tury mu­latto im­age of Je­sus of Nazareth.

The high­light of the feast is the Trasla­cion, a nearly 24-hour pro­ces­sion that reen­acts the trans­fer of the Black Nazarene im­age, also called the Nazareno, to Quiapo Church. The pro­ces­sion be­gins at Quirino Grand­stand in Manila and ends in the Nazareno's home in Quiapo.

The Feast of the Black Nazarene opened yes­ter­day with a Mass led by the Quiapo Church rec­tor, Mon­signor Her­nando Coronel. The homily was de­liv­ered by Manila Arch­bishop Luis An­to­nio Car­di­nal Ta­gle.

In his homily, Ta­gle de­fended devo­tees and said their de­vo­tion was not fa­nati­cism.

"Una, ang tu­nay na de­boto ay nag­mama­hal (First, real devo­tee loves)," he said.

He said a fa­natic, on the other hand, does not love.

"Ang pa­natiko, nang-aano lang 'yan eh, ku­makapit sa isang nag­bibi­gay ng ha­laga sa akin. Pero ang de­boto, hindi iyon ang dahi­lan. De­voted ka dahil ma­hal mo siya. 'Yan ang ip­inakita ni He­sus. 'Yan din ang diwa ng de­bosyon," he said. (A fa­natic only clings to some­thing that gives value to him. But a devo­tee does not share the same rea­son­ing. You are de­voted be­cause you love him or her. That is what Je­sus showed. That is also the value of de­vo­tion.)

Even in the Catholic Church, the Nazareno de­vo­tion fu­els much de­bate and con­tro­versy.

Crit­ics fear that the de­vo­tion to the Black Nazarene is turn­ing into fa­nati­cism, with devo­tees some­times end­ing up hurt­ing each other just to touch the Nazarene im­age in a rowdy an­nual pro­ces­sion.

Still, mil­lions of devo­tees con­tinue their de­vo­tion, bring­ing with them pray­ers for good health and pros­per­ity in their fam­i­lies.

Quiapo Church ex­pected around 5 mil­lion devo­tees to join the Trasla­cion this year.

(Avito C. Dalan photo)

Manila Arch­bishop Luis An­to­nio Car­di­nal Ta­gle de­liv­ered a homily dur­ing a Mass led by the Quiapo Church rec­tor, Mon­signor Her­nando Coronel, for the Feast of the Black Nazarene yes­ter­day.

(Avito C. Dalan photo)

Mil­i­tary and po­lice of­fi­cers se­cure the Quirino Grand­stand where the Trasla­cion or trans­fer of the im­age of the Black Nazarene to Quiapo Church be­gan yes­ter­day.

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