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There may be some se­ri­ous mis­com­mu­ni­ca­tion to­day, so be hon­est in all your deal­ings, Aries. Be as straight­for­ward as pos­si­ble, since is­sues can back­fire if the truth is clouded. Hon­esty is in­valu­able and must be main­tained at all times. You have the power to make a last­ing im­pres­sion on peo­ple. Curb your ten­dency to snap at oth­ers. Watch out for ac­ci­dents in­volv­ing fire or metal.


You may not be sure what to think to­day, Tau­rus. Men­tal con­fu­sion could be the day’s theme for you, but don’t let it get you down. Re­al­ize that it’s just one of those days when none of the pieces fit right. The truth is that they do fit some­where, just not now. Lay low and wait for this phase to pass. Things will pick up soon as the fog lifts and you can see clearly again.


Spir­i­tual con­cerns are a big­ger is­sue for you to­day, Gem­ini. You may have found that you’re drawn to a fan­ci­ful mind­set and un­ortho­dox way of view­ing the world. Pur­sue this realm of thought and trust that your in­tu­ition knows ex­actly where to take you. Emo­tional ten­sion may run high, so try not to get down on other peo­ple’s “me first” at­ti­tude.


Does it seem like your life is pulling apart at the seams, Can­cer? Per­haps it’s time to reeval­u­ate. Ma­jor as­pects of your be­ing could be com­ing into ques­tion and you can’t seem to find the an­swer to why you started down this road in the first place. Have con­fi­dence in your­self and your in­cred­i­ble abil­ity to cut to the core of every mat­ter. This is just a phase and you’re able to work through it.


There’s an ex­tra bit of fire in your words and emo­tions to­day, Leo. Your sen­si­tiv­ity is height­ened and you should con­sider do­ing some sort of vol­un­teer work now. You may talk about sav­ing the world, but talk will get you nowhere un­til you put those ideas into prac­tice. Take part in the lives of peo­ple who are less for­tu­nate and seek the truth in all the is­sues you en­counter.


There may be se­ri­ous chal­lenges in your daily rou­tine to­day, Virgo. How can you or­ga­nize your day more ef­fi­ciently? Take time to set a plan into mo­tion. Write it down. You may want to drift into an­other realm, so let those emo­tions roam free- just make sure you deal with your daily tasks first. This will give you more free­dom to take ad­van­tage of the blast of cre­ative power that you have now.


You may feel ide­al­is­tic to­day, Li­bra. This is fine, but make sure these ideals are rooted in re­al­ity or they may be noth­ing more than a pipe dream. Feel free to es­cape to an­other mind­set, but make sure you can still dis­cern what’s real and what isn’t. This is a for­ma­tive time for you in which you re­al­ize that the con­ven­tional ways of do­ing things aren’t work­ing any­more. Spread the word.


Your dreams and fan­tasies are more real than you know, Scor­pio. Smile at the peo­ple you pass and watch them smile back. Your sen­si­tive and fun-lov­ing na­ture is in­fec­tious. Use it to help heal oth­ers’ wounds. Laugh­ter is the rem­edy that cures all. Be con­scious of your tremen­dous ef­fect on oth­ers and spread the beauty that lives in­side you.


Your sen­si­tiv­ity is es­pe­cially height­ened to­day, Sagit­tar­ius. You’re in tune with your emo­tions and more sen­si­tive to your dreams. Re­al­ize the im­por­tance of friend­ship and show some­one you care by ini­ti­at­ing an out­ing or in­ti­mate din­ner at your home. You have greater self-aware­ness, as well as the en­ergy to get things done. Fan­tasy worlds may come to life if you let them. Watch out for overindul­gence.


You may be go­ing through a con­fus­ing pe­riod now, Capri­corn. To­day’s en­ergy brings these is­sues into fo­cus. Parts of your life seem to be slap­ping you in the face, in­di­cat­ing that a dras­tic life change is com­ing. Re­sist the urge to play the vic­tim and let other peo­ple grab the reins sim­ply be­cause they act more con­fi­dently. This is your life and only you know what’s best for you.


Spir­i­tual con­cerns and fan­ci­ful day­dreams move into sharp fo­cus to­day, Aquar­ius. Per­haps you’re pulled by play­ful emo­tions and es­capism. Keep one foot on the ground while you send your mind into the clouds, but def­i­nitely take time to check the air up there and re­port your find­ings to your con­scious self. You may feel a greater sen­si­tiv­ity to­ward oth­ers now while your in­tu­ition is strong.


Have you taken some­one for granted lately? To­day you should give them the thanks and at­ten­tion they de­serve, Pisces. Your sen­si­tiv­ity and psychic aware­ness are es­pe­cially strong. You aren’t in the mood to put up with su­per­fi­cial­i­ties. Stick with what is real and say it like it is. Ten­sion in your daily life may sur­face, but if you have things un­der con­trol, you will ride through it just fine.

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