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Gel leads a blessed life. As the gen­eral man­ager of Trav­elife mag­a­zine, she gets to travel a lot while man­ag­ing the busi­ness side of the pub­li­ca­tion.

“I love to travel. At least once or twice a month, I go to dif­fer­ent places—both lo­cal and in­ter­na­tional. At least twice a year, I have my ‘me time’ in trav­el­ing, like I go an ex­otic place alone and just ex­plore and be im­mersed by the cul­ture of a cer­tain coun­try,” shares Gel.

When she’s not globe-trot­ting, Gel likes to spend time with her fam­ily, go to the gym, and catch-up with friends and church fam­ily.


With Gel’s life­style of trav­el­ing and at­tend­ing nu­mer­ous events, she al­ways gets to meet new peo­ple. How­ever, when it comes to choos­ing her part­ner in life, Gel had some spe­cific cri­te­ria.

“Af­ter quite some time, my prayers have be­come more spe­cific. I was ask­ing and pray­ing for God to lead me to a man that fol­lows his heart. I have my check­lists and the non-ne­go­tiables list that I put in my di­ary. I prayed that God would grant me a man that would lead me closer to Him—who I can grow my faith with, hand in hand,” shares Gel.

In­spired by a friend who met her hus­band in a Chris­tian dat­ing site, Gel cre­ated an ac­count in the same site and be­gan chat­ting with new friends. How­ever, among these Chris­tian men, Ni­co­las stood out. He prayed for her ev­ery morn­ing and ev­ery night. And even if there is an 8-hour dif­fer­ence in their time zones, Ni­co­las—who’s a chef based in United King­dom—still made ef­forts of ask­ing her how her day went.

Since Gel wanted to be sure if Ni­co­las is God’s best for her, she asked for very spe­cific signs: that Ni­co­las would be able to take a leave from work to meet her in Turkey dur­ing her pre­vi­ously sched­uled trip, and that he would give her a cross neck­lace when they meet.

And just like magic, Ni­co­las came to Turkey and dur­ing din­ner, he gave Gel a cross neck­lace.

Their love story was in­deed, writ­ten by God. It was a beau­ti­ful life­time gift for two faith­ful in­di­vid­u­als. They of­fi­cially be­came a cou­ple on Novem­ber 2016. Ni­co­las came to the Philip­pines to meet Gel’s fam­ily and when Gel went to France to visit his fam­ily in March 2017, Ni­co­las asked her to marry him.

“What I love about him is that He makes me closer to God. He is a guy who I know I would be se­cured with and we would com­ple­ment each other’s strength. He is kind and funny—he makes me laugh with his sim­ple jokes. He is sim­ple, hum­ble, he loves God and is open to many changes. The list can go on and on,” says Gel.


For her wed­ding day, Gel wanted to look sim­ple and nat­u­ral, with her hair up. And to cre­ate this look for the shoot, Anthea Bueno used warmer tones to com­ple­ment her skin tone.

“I usu­ally like to put sub­tle def­i­ni­tion key ar­eas of my brides face to high­light her fea­tures while still main­tain­ing a youth­ful and fresh look,” says Anthea.

She high­lighted her eyes and lips, be­cause these ar­eas bring life to the whole face.

“It’s very nice, I liked it! It looks so nat­u­ral,” shares Gel.

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