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Ev­ery­day, wed­dings take place across the globe, cel­e­brated in dif­fer­ent cul­tures, back­grounds, and tra­di­tions. There is how­ever a com­mon­al­ity be­tween all of them¬¬—the cou­ple to be wed, has a unique and pro­found story to be cel­e­brated. It’s a given fact that has rung true with thriv­ing and pas­sion­ate in­di­vid­u­als that sum up Con­fetti Story. The brain­child of Or­ange Stu­dios, Con­fetti Story is a team of tal­ented pho­tog­ra­phers who cel­e­brate life’s great­est joys by cap­tur­ing in­ti­mate mo­ments.

Although the team has had ex­pe­ri­ences shoot­ing as Or­ange Stu­dios, hav­ing ven­tured into Con­fetti Story just last 2017, has given them a dis­tinct eye for birth­day and wed­ding pho­to­shoots. “Con­fetti Story has a pen­chant for the small­est de­tails, to cre­ate the great­est mem­o­ries cap­tured in light ar­ray, sub­tle and can­did. The team in­te­grates [a] bright and vi­brant feel to a ro­man­tic sce­nario which makes ev­ery photo ex­press love be­yond words,” shares Kent Lazarrage of Con­fetti Story.

It’s easy to as­sume that with a pool of con­stant clients, the team could pos­si­bly face cre­ative block. Cap­tur­ing the same oc­ca­sion can in fact be re­dun­dant. How­ever, Con­fetti Story has mas­tered their ap­proach that has brought them much suc­cess. “We make sure

each shoot is unique and per­sonal to the client sim­ply by get­ting to know our client’s per­son­al­ity and taste; how they are as a cou­ple, what they love to do to­gether, and what makes them click,” Kent points out. Un­der­stand­ing each cou­ple’s in­di­vid­ual story is in­te­gral to the team’s cre­ative process, it be­comes the foun­da­tion of their en­tire shoot. They make it a point to in­ter­view their cou­ples and im­merse them­selves with what their clients’ dreams and am­bi­tions are. Not just for the wed­ding day it­self, but of each other too.

Their sharp lis­ten­ing skills have fast earned them a pop­u­lar name, with dif­fer­ent cou­ples im­pressed by their raw and or­ganic take dur­ing the big day, Con­fetti Story has brought the pure essence of love into a sin­gle pic­ture. To this day, Kent re­calls that one of their most mem­o­rable shoots would be one that took place early on. “One of the most mem­o­rable shoots we had was last year, when we did an all-amer­i­can wed­ding [shoot] in a pri­vate Is­land in Sa­mal, Davao. It was an in­ti­mate wed­ding des­ti­na­tion with less than a hun­dred guests. [The event was filled] with rich de­tails, [a] pic­turesque back­ground and [was] full of sen­ti­ments. Not to men­tion the dif­fer­ent cul­ture, raw emo­tions and re­ac­tions of their clos­est friends and rel­a­tives that [we wit­nessed]. We were in awe,” Kent gushed.

It seems al­most, that the team makes it all easy. De­spite deal­ing with cou­ples of dif­fer­ent back­ground and cul­tures, they never fail to bring out the lan­guage of love. Well-trans­lated into pho­tos of beau­ti­fully fil­tered pho­tos, with keen con­cen­tra­tion on its vi­brancy, minute de­tails and el­e­gantly rus­tic ap­peal. But it’s not just the mas­tery of sto­ry­telling that would leave cou­ples im­pressed, it’s also the deep re­spect they have for in re­gard­ing each cou­ple’s com­fort and pref­er­ences through­out the process. Which is why even if Kent ad­mits that a ma­jor­ity of clients have hopped on the trendy out­door-can­did shoots, they take into con­sid­er­a­tion the tra­di­tional take on a more for­mal setup and pho­to­shoot. It’s never to dic­tate how­ever, Con­fetti Story be­lieves, the story will re­veal it­self through­out the process. “Our main ap­proach is not to ob­trude dur­ing the wed­ding in­stead we let the mo­ment un­fold and cap­ture it or­gan­i­cally,” Kent ex­plains.

As pro­fes­sional wed­ding pho­tog­ra­phers, it’s a skill that has been in­grained in their cre­ative back­ground. Which is why when delv­ing into the fact that the dig­i­tal age has pro­duced a lot of in­stant pho­tos cap­tured by just any­body with a phone, Kent re­minds us that see­ing a wed­ding be­hind the lens has its own spe­cialty too. “As wed­ding pho­tog­ra­pher[s], when we cap­ture a photo, we see what emo­tions to cap­ture other than the tech­ni­cal as­pect of the photo. We pri­or­i­tize mo­ments at the same time, tak­ing into con­sid­er­a­tion the right light­ing, an­gle, [and] pose. We also give im­por­tance to de­tails and [the] scenery, to make a story which the client in­vested in through­out the wed­ding prepa­ra­tion,” Kent says.

De­spite the con­stant need to be on their toes, Con­fetti Story eas­ily makes each client’s wed­ding seem like a float­ing dream. Not just at­tend­ing to cap­ture and shoot, but fully im­mers­ing in the ex­pe­ri­ence and trans­lat­ing it to pho­tos show­ing the cou­ples’ love in its truest form. Prov­ing that each cou­ple has a beau­ti­ful story de­serv­ing of an ap­plause, a toast, and a roar­ing cheer matched with a shower of con­fetti.

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