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It’s a given that dur­ing the wed­ding day, all eyes are on the bride. The way she car­ries her gown, the ways her eyes sparkle, and the way the mu­sic brings ev­ery­one to tears of joy as she walks down the isle. While there are an end­less op­tion of de­sign­ers that would grab the op­por­tu­nity to cre­ate a dreamy wed­ding gown, Vien Resurreccion, founder of Wis­te­ria Brides­maids, opted to de­sign beau­ti­ful brides­maids gowns. Although Vien’s early at­tempts and suc­cesses in de­sign­ing gowns were ac­tu­ally fo­cused on the bridal gown alone, it was in 2015 where she de­cided to pur­sue a brides­maid line. “I pushed through the idea of cre­at­ing a brides­maid line, fo­cused on clean, el­e­gant pieces that the brides­maids can wear again for other events. We also added in Prep Robes to our pack­ages, to make wed­ding preps look clean and co­he­sive with their mo­tifs,” Vien re­calls.

To­day, you will find Wis­te­ria Brides­maids as the home of el­e­gant and taste­ful de­signs—a line of jewel-toned and spring col­ors with pop­u­lar cuts and flat­ter­ing fit­ting. The process to achieve a co­he­sive but ad­mirable col­lec­tion how­ever, doesn’t just hap­pen overnight. Vien spills her cre­ative process and how she man­ages to ex­e­cute client re­quests, “First, I meet with the bride to dis­cuss and plan the look and mo­tif of the en­tourage. I make sure to fi­nal­ize the rates, color mo­tif, the gen­eral look and struc­ture of the brides­maids dresses. I also col­lect de­tails in terms of style or cut, and pos­si­ble church lim­i­ta­tions, and ba­si­cally to have a com­plete fore­sight of the event to pre­vent any prob­lems on the day it­self. Af­ter the pri­mary meet­ing with the bride, we sched­ule a meet­ing with the en­tourage, which is usu­ally sched­uled in two sep­a­rate dates to make sure I meet each one of them. I take their mea­sure­ments per­son­ally and the de­signs that would suit their body types. I make a sketch for the whole en­tourage lined up along with the ma­te­ri­als so the bride can ap­prove be­fore pro­duc­tion. I make sure that my sketches match the fin­ished prod­uct, or ex­e­cute the de­tails even bet­ter.”

It’s im­po­rant to Vien that she gets to know each brides­maid, although the bride is tech­ni­cally her client, the re­al­ity is that she’s cre­at­ing dresses for a group of ladies. It can be some­what of a chal­lenge, es­pe­cially when time con­straints and de­mand­ing brides­maids play a fac­tor. But these are wor­ries and curve­balls that Wis­te­ria Brides­maids have man­aged to work with. It’s really the heart­warm­ing re­la­tion­ship be­tween the bride and her brides­maids that keep Vien and her team go­ing. “I really adore a bride who make sure that her brides­maids feel just as spe­cial on her big day. I ad­mire that she would spend much time and money to make her brides­maids’ dresses look and be of equal qual­ity to her own, at the very least. Car­ing that much shows an ap­pre­ci­a­tion and con­sid­er­a­tion on the part of the bride, high­light­ing her char­ac­ter and mak­ing a cel­e­bra­tion not just of the union but of

peo­ple who have in essence con­trib­uted to the lives of the cou­ple”, Vien shares.

It’s Vien’s sense of bond­ing and rap­port that has earned her client’s trust. With her years of ser­vice, and flour­ish of clients, not only has Wis­te­ria Brides­maids kept in tune with what their clien­tele re­quires, but has learned in­com­ing trends that they would in­cor­po­rate in their line. Tra­di­tion­ally, brides­maids would make their ap­pear­ance in grand and over-the-top gowns, which Vien shares isn’t nec­es­sar­ily some­thing to veer away from, “I ac­tu­ally like the idea of grand, over-the-top brides­maids gowns, be­cause it shows that the bride also wants her brides­maids to stand out with her. Also, It makes the de­signer’s job more chal­leng­ing and it helps chal­lenge and en­hance our cre­ativ­ity.”

But Vien does ad­mit there re­cently there have been fre­quent re­quests of sim­pler brides­maids gown. It’s been a trend to avoid the copy-and-paste route too, as more brides nowa­days pre­fer a bal­ance be­tween uni­for­mity and va­ri­ety. “Min­i­mal­ist and sim­pler dresses look classy, safe and usu­ally looks good in pho­tos. It is also nice be­cause the brides­maids get to wear their dresses again and again, without be­ing branded as “the brides­maid dress”.. Usu­ally, my brides ask if it is bet­ter to have one look for ev­ery­one or not at all. I of­ten sug­gest that we use same cuts for the skirt, to make a clean look when lined up in pho­tos. I of­fer op­tions for neck­lines: ei­ther with more fash­ion­able cuts or fig­ure-en­hanc­ing op­tions.”

It’s a def­i­nitely a prac­tice that Wis­te­ria Brides­maids has suc­cess­fully car­ried out, cus­tomiz­ing a gown that would suit each mem­ber of the en­tourage. Which is why if you were to pick out a brides­maid from the lot, each dress could stand on its own. Whether its de­tails of sweet­heart neck­lines, drap­ping skirts, beaded belt bands or trimmed lace, Wis­te­ria Brides­maids makes sure that each brides­maids can feel just as con­fi­dent in her gown as the bride. From Vien’s own words, how a bride re­quests for her en­tourage’s gown says a lot about her char­ac­ter. And Wis­te­ria Brides­maids makes sure, that even though the bride will un­doubt­edly have the spot­light, the brides­maids and their im­pec­ca­ble gowns can very well be wor­thy of at­ten­tion too.



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