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The form of wed­ding in­vi­ta­tions have warped through­out time. Wed­ding in­vites didn’t start as a piece of spe­cial pa­per, en­veloped and sealed. Cen­turies back, wed­ding in­vites in Lon­don were more of a per­for­mance. A man would walk down the streets and an­nounce the oc­ca­sion. It was dur­ing the mid­dle ages, wherein lit­er­acy be­came a sta­tus of no­bil­ity, that writ­ten wed­ding in­vites be­came pop­u­lar. Skip a few more hun­dred years, in the dig­i­tal age, now ev­ery­thing can be done through a click or a per­son­al­ized web­site. Slowly fad­ing are the days of per­son­ally hand­ing a tan­gi­ble in­vite for guests on the big day.

Cumbidado how­ever, pos­si­bly un­know­ingly so, is keep­ing a tra­di­tion alive—cre­at­ing beau­ti­ful and per­sonal printed wed­ding in­vites. Com­monly de­signed with cur­sive fonts, spring col­ors and a bois­ter­ous theme, Cumbidado has not only man­aged to keep printed in­vites a con­tin­ued prac­tice since its birth back in 2016, but has pro­duced per­sonal notes that can dou­ble as love-writ­ten notes. “We all know that the in­vi­ta­tion sets the mood of the event..i think, tra­di­tional in­vi­ta­tions that are printed on pa­per and have the dis­tinct ad­van­tage of a phys­i­cal ob­ject to be held, ad­mired, and on kept and framed that keeps it more per­sonal. It’s the de­sign and per­son­al­ity which al­lows the cou­ple to show off their style”, shares founder Jade Hombed.

More than se­lect­ing de­signs and run­ning print­ers, piec­ing a taste­ful wed­ding in­vite is an art of its own. Jade ex­plains that the process can be rigid and lengthy, it’s a work­flow that she and her team has aced though. “It’s a long process ac­tu­ally. Some cou­ples think that it will just take a cou­ple of days to pro­duce the in­vi­ta­tion just be­cause they choose their de­sign on our cat­a­logue. But it isn’t!”, Jade shares. It be­gins with de­sign se­lec­tion, fol­lowed by the ini­tial draft, af­ter which is the te­dious ex­change of re­vi­sions, once the bulk of the cor­rec­tions are ap­plied, the team sens a mock in­vi­ta­tion for the fi­nal re­view. Only with a go-sig­nal do they ac­tu­ally step into the process of print and mass pro­duc­tion.

The stren­u­ous process can make some won­der if it’s really worth all the trou­ble. With the in­flu­ence of so­cial me­dia and tech­nol­ogy, oth­ers would com­ment that a per­son­al­ized web­site or a mere so­cial me­dia an­nounce­ment could be much less of a has­sle. So how does Cumbidado view this com­pe­ti­tion? “I think we can­not pre­vent the norm to change over the pe­riod of time. In this dig­i­tal age, we are fully aware that some might con­sider do­ing their own de­sign be­cause they have ac­cess to dif­fer­ent ap­pli­ca­tions that can make on­line in­vi­ta­tions. Luck­ily and sur­pris­ingly, most of the cou­ples are still will­ing to go to our shop to dis­cuss the de­sign of their in­vi­ta­tion and they still gets ex­cited when their brows­ing our pa­per swatches!”, shares Jade.

It’s the gusto and un­de­ni­able cre­ative that has helped Cim­bidado ex­cel. Their ar­ray of wed­ding in­vites is an end­less list of op­tions. From the mere size and cut, Cumbidado has man­aged to pro­duce laser cut in­vites, ticket in­vites, pock­et­fold in­vites, and in lieu of tra­di­tion, the stan­dard sealed in­vi­ta­tion. The team doesn’t fall be­hind when it comes to style ei­ther, they’ve cre­ated an over­flow of themes—dab­bling with rus­tic el­e­gant de­signs, flo­ral and wa­ter­color back­grounds, Tif­fany­gar­den themes, and jewel-toned swatches.

Heav­ily in­volved in each step of the cre­ation, Jade un­der­stands that be­yond the care­fully picked de­signs and con­stant passes of re­vi­sions, pro­duc­ing printed in­vites gives an op­por­tu­nity for their clients to bond. From pa­per swatches to font se­lec­tion, their per­son­al­ity and co­he­sive­ness evolves into one-of-a-kind in­vi­ta­tion. The era of on­line ac­tiv­ity may be rapidly pac­ing it­self, but if there’s any­thing to re­mem­ber, it is that tra­di­tion is an in­nate sense of who we are. And what bet­ter way to show fam­ily and friends who one­self is, than with a per­sonal in­vi­ta­tion to the big­gest day of their lives, de­liv­ered right to their doorstep.

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