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The Right Path


Being a single mom, I told myself I did not need any man because I already have my son and that was enough for me.

Sometime in 2011 at A.P. Moller Maersk, I met Pat. Though he was good looking and a great guy, I strongly felt I had to put him off since I was not prepared for the direction that the wanted us to go. However, his persistenc­e paid off because I was persuaded to give our relationsh­ip a second chance.

Like all other single moms, I had a lot of fears. Neverthele­ss, with earnest assurances from Pat that everything will be alright, our relationsh­ip flourished in love. His family accepted me and my son with open arms.

And so we finally decided to tie the knot on June 8, 2018. We chose an outdoor setup with a lot of greens as Nature is the central theme of our wedding. I know that rain is part of nature, but I prayed for the heavens to give us sunshine, at least even for that one special day.

Like a test of faith, rain started to pour heavily on my wedding day. Messages of encouragem­ent kept pouring in reminding me to just trust in the Lord with all my heart.

On the way to the church, the rain momentaril­y stopped seeming to give way to the much awaited walk down the aisle. Feeling completely loved, I walked the aisle and saw familiar faces full of affirmatio­ns that all is happening according to heaven’s plan. As I saw my loving son (my son who truly helped me and supported me in making this life changing decision) beside my groom, I could not help but give in to my overwhelmi­ng emotions.

It was raining throughout the ceremony but then I saw this as heaven’s seal of approval. At this point, I was just savoring the moment and I submitted myself to whatever the day would bring us.

The reception was held in a pavilion amidst a landscape of flowers and greens. To me the highlight of the event was my sister-in-law, Joshir’s heartfelt message. Everyone was in tears when she turned to look at my son and said, “Daddy na ang tawag mo kay Kuya PJ ha?” Then she turned to me saying, “Don’t worry, Ate; you will never experience the unpleasant things you had in your past relationsh­ip. My brother loves you so much. We will always be here for you and Budong.”

It was at that point that I felt God’s confirmati­on that I, CHE, who took so many wrong turns in life have finally found the right PATH.

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