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Kaye’s days are jam-packed with work. In the mornings, she works full-time as the head of a lifestyle website and in between these days, she takes time to operate her businesses—a home and living shop and a restaurant.

She seems to have mastered the art of juggling a variety of ventures because despite her hectic schedule, she still manages to make time for her spinning classes and for her cats, Gray and Maui.

When it comes to beauty, this gorgeous busy bee starts her day with a light moisturize­r and sunscreen. She prefers to go for the natural look or a quick makeup look as she tries to maximize her time every day. At night, she puts on a sleeping mask or a face mask with serum for hydration, essential for a fresh look the next morning. She shares that she never leaves home without her hand cream and facial spray.


One random night, Kaye decided to dress up and go out with her colleagues. However, she was kind of feeling left out that night because she was with an older crowd. Luckily, her best friend messaged her, asking her to go with him to a gathering of his partners.

“It was a funny story actually because Janus wasn’t interactin­g with me at all. He thought my best friend and I were together as a couple— only to find out later on that we’re not. That’s how it all started. We both share the same interests and goals, and it’s everything to me. We both like watching movies, traveling, food hunting, and sharing ideas about work,” shares Kaye. “He’s very patient and supportive with everything that I do, which is an endearing trait that I love.”

It was a fit from the start and they immediatel­y knew that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, even during their first month. They share similar goals in life and they perfectly complement each other.

And after being together for 22 months, with the picturesqu­e sunset of Seminyak Beach in Bali in the background, Janus officially asked her to be with him for the rest of his life.


Kaye wanted to look fresh, radiant, and glowing on her wedding day and this is what MJ Bornales created for her during the shoot.

“She is already pretty to start with, we don’t want to overdo it as she doesn’t need much. I wanted her to look as she is without transformi­ng her into another person. I chose to use warmer tones in accentuati­ng her features and let her skin naturally glow by hydrating and by highlighti­ng what’s needed,” shares MJ.

Kaye wanted her eyes highlighte­d so MJ used warmer tones and individual lashes to achieve this, while still keeping the look natural. For her hair, the half updo with soft curls hairstyle made her look even more youthful.

“It was so easy to work with MJ and Jovit. They created my dream look for my wedding,” shares Kaye.

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