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Marga is a creative soul who is the directoram­ady by Mayad, a wedding and photograph­y studio dedicated to the people of Iloilo. And being based in the city of love, Marga is able to weave her artistry into these beautiful moments to create astounding visual stories.

When she’s not working, she does calligraph­y and other creative activities while enjoying a cup of her favorite milk tea. She also shares that she loves children and teaching.

Marga is a testament that beauty radiates from within. She is conscious with what she eats and loves natural and organic food. And even if she does not have complicate­d beauty routines—sticking to cleanse, tone, and moisturize—her skin reflects how well she takes care of herself.

Her simple everyday look also lets her natural beauty shine through. Her daily fashion usually comprises of a t-shirt over jeans and her make-up is usually a combinatio­n of groomed brows, cheek tint, and curled eyelashes.


Marga and James met in Los Angeles while she was vacationin­g. And on their first date, they were accompanie­d by her mom and her aunts, whom James treated with utmost courtesy and kindness. This made quite an impression to Marga’s family so she continued to date him.

For two years, their love endured the distance. Cultural difference­s also posed some challenges. But with the support of their families and their tenacity of their love, they were able to see it through.

“I knew he was the one when he had to apply for a passport, for he never left the States his entire life. He then went to the Philippine­s to ask permission from my parents to date me. We have gone through so much during those times, but he endured. He made his choice and he never faltered. His commitment to pursue me made me love and respect him more…it was our own little miracle, we knew that this wasn’t our own doing, it was a blessing,” shares Marga.

Since then, they see each other every three months. They like hiking trips and going to Disneyland. At times, they also enjoy being quiet together, just sitting side by side, and savoring each other’s company.

And on one rainy day, on the mountains of Leon, Iloilo, with just a vendor and a couple of strays dogs as witnesses, James asked her to be with him for the rest of his life.


For the shoot, Marga’s beauty shone its brightest with Katrina Guzon’s wands. They wanted a bridal look that is sweet, romantic, light, and simple.

“We wanted a look that compliment­s Marga’s personalit­y, at the same time accentuati­ng her best features,” shares Katrina.

Katrina created a flawless base and highlighte­d her eyes. They stayed away from dark and heavy tones and made sure that the peach tones created a dramatic effect.

“I love the look! The make-up is amazing! My hair was brilliantl­y done. I was hesitant that he was doing an updo since I am not comfortabl­e without my hair covering my face. But I was in awe of how everything turned out. Never did I imagine myself to have my hair up but I loved it,” shares Marga.

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