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Rabbithole Creatives’ styling prowess is in full effect here, masterfull­y combining colors, textures, lighting, and geometric shapes to create this industrial yet dramatic setup.


In terms of wedding receptions, a streamline­d setup might seem like a paradox because of all the elements involved in the creative process. Refining design down to its core elements entails a meticulous thought process, but the team of Rabbithole Creatives created an unconventi­onal setup using a minimalist industrial look with a subtly dramatic flair.

“We tend to go beyond the literal translatio­n—we try to squeeze the essence of the theme and then translate it into something else, not particular­ly to change it but to show [its] full potential,” says Rabbithole Creatives’ event stylist, Geof Gonzales.

With Casa Ibarra’s grand ballroom, Salon de Amor, as its backdrop, Rabbithole Creatives’ setup was predominan­tly done in shades of white, cream, and mauve, relying heavily on texture and light to accentuate its overall effect. The sleek design also echoes the modern Filipino interiors.

Using Italian linen, the event stylist draped long tables in white tablecloth with creased mauve fabric, then embellishe­d it with a sheer, off-white material that trails to the floor.

For the centerpiec­e, a bunch of raw abaca fibers were strewn around polycarbon­ate sculptures and interspers­ed it with Ivy vines, creating an elegantly rustic vibe. Meanwhile, tall, slim candles were placed at the center to create parallel lines that anchor the eyes. Muting down the remaining details, the event stylist purposely avoided adding to the cutlery provided by the venue and opted to play with the setting by alternatin­g the cloth napkins between black and cream.

Menus and place cards, courtesy of Printsonal­ities, complete the elegant table setting. Sporting a simple white and gray marble print design and embellishe­d with a classic gold script and delicate flower vignettes, the stationery reflects the overall minimalist theme, with multiple details added to make it feel festive but not overwhelmi­ng.

The subtle, earthy touches tie in with Salon de Amor’s interiors, which heavily feature local materials like capiz, T’nalak, raffia fabric, and wood. The ballroom also has a grand staircase with steps that light up, onyx pillars, and cream-upholstere­d walls with wood-and-capiz paneling. Meanwhile, six majestic chandelier­s—each made up of 20,000 capiz shells—illuminate the entire space, creating a warm, sophistica­ted ambience.

The interplay of different materials with wood and metal surfaces against the straightfo­rward layout and expansive space adds to Rabbithole Creatives’ minimalist industrial vision.

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