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Playing with lighting also alters the general feel of any setup. With the house lights still on, guests are treated to a more romantic ambiance, unaware of the dramatic transforma­tion later on in the program.


“It’s not about a literal translatio­n of minimalism, it’s about trying to expound, abbreviate what purism can be as a design,” Gonzales explains.

In keeping with the industrial part of the theme, Rabbithole Creatives constructe­d a simple backdrop made up of two massive polycarbon­ate sculptures resembling the smaller versions found in the centerpiec­e, sparsely adorned with tendrils of exotic leaves. Inspired by lines and contrast of shades, the sculptures frame the couple’s area, which includes a low ottoman draped in the same fabrics used on the tables and spruced up with a sprig of Ivy vine.

The wedding cake, courtesy of Camille Gabriel of Sugar Crest, is displayed on one side, with two tall, slim candles propped up beside it. The three-tiered confection bears a binary design that reflects the theme’s minimalist and industrial influences. One side is painted in neutral colors, with green as the predominan­t shade, as well as touches of rose pink thrown in to retain an element of romance. The other side comes in a plain, all-white background, with floral wires that resemble thistles, eucalyptus leaves, and fillers.

For the wedding banquet, Casa Ibarra’s chef prepared a menu that began with shrimp and crab stick salad with honey mustard dressing. The rest of the entrées include Pumpkin Soup with Ginger Foam and Smoked Salmon with Dill Sauce, followed by two main dishes, Seafood Roulade and Beef Tenderloin Steak with Chocolate Sherry Wine Sauce. The meal concludes with petits fours comprised of Red Velvet, carrot cake, brownies and cheesecake.

Modishly spartan, Rabbithole Creatives’ setup is a balance of austerity and warmth, bearing an unapologet­ically distinctiv­e style that stands out from traditiona­l receptions.

“I think I did my job if there is a strong reaction. The whole goal is to make people think, make people question,” Gonzales affirms.

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