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Be it as a bridal shower essential or relaxing attire before the big day, brides-to-be can choose from a variety of luxurious sleepwear from Private Storey.


To a woman who juggles career, love, and personal growth, every second matters. To many, the day ends when they sleep, but for Aya Limbo of Private Storey, sleeping is just another opportunit­y to treat oneself. “In my personal experience, having a beautiful set of sleepwear helps me sleep better and boost my self-esteem. Sleep is a luxury, especially nowadays where the modern women work extra hard to achieve our career and financial goals,” she shares.

With the desire to doze off in comfortabl­e silk and while in a successful long-distance relationsh­ip to boot, Aya gathered her personal experience and saw the importance of luxury sleepwear. To her, it wasn’t just a matter of slipping into comfortabl­e clothes and sneaking into the duvet, it was an experience for her to feel empowered and confident. “I started Private Storey because a modern woman like me has been longing for more than just an old shirt and a raggy pair of shorts in bed. I’ve always wanted to feel effortless­ly beautiful, coordinate­d, at the same time very comfortabl­e with my clothing when I go to sleep and when I wake up in the morning, but without burning a hole in my pocket, she said.”

While many have neglected to appreciate luxurious sleepwear, Aya made a business out of it. Two years into the business, and she’s produced line after line of classic sleepwear including robes, long pants sets, dress sets, and even accessorie­s like sleeping masks and headbands. “We often associate luxurious sleepwear with the elites and royalty but I want to break that stigma and make it available for all the modern women from different social classes, because we all deserve to feel effortless­ly beautiful in our most comfortabl­e state,” she explains. Private Storey’s luxurious options range from P1,500 to P2,000, sewn with love and designed for the modern woman.

When asked about which piece she would recommend for the bride-to-be, Aya says: “It will be the Lou set. It’s a light beige set that has a very soft, intricate dark beige lace design and it’s a little see-through on the waist part of the dress. It’s a very sophistica­ted and elegant piece, perfect for a bride.” Aya believes that classy sleepwear is a must-have for every bride, before and after her wedding. It’s a form of self-pampering, a way to elegantly express oneself. She’s shared that many brides-to-be and their entourages have patronized her products, as matching sleepwear sets can be the perfect pair to a bottle of champagne and amazing company during a bridal shower.

Not every woman however, has the confidence to step into their store and personally pull a hanger of the rack. Which is why Private Storey’s online shop is a perfect alternativ­e to more introverte­d ladies who prefer to shop behind the screen. For those who need a tip or two when rummaging through her lavish lines of pajama sets and chic items, Aya suggests: “Start with the classic sets, like the short sleeve and long sleeve sets. We have different colors and styles that women can choose from. From there, you can start purchasing our more conservati­ve sleeveless sets with robes and then you can transition to our laced and more revealing dresses and sleeveless sets afterwards.”

Private Storey manages to fill the void with the most elegant and sophistica­ted sleepwear options. A reminder that, whether they play the role of a girl boss in the office, a hands-on mom at home, or even when they simply want to head to bed, every woman deserves to march with confidence, celebrate without worry, and in this case, slumber in silk.

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 ??  ?? WO R D S Loren Dimaano PORTRAIT Erron Ocampo PRODUCT PHOTOS courtesy of Private Storey
WO R D S Loren Dimaano PORTRAIT Erron Ocampo PRODUCT PHOTOS courtesy of Private Storey

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